Help me plan my HS day please!

I’m really struggling with planning our day out, anyone want to help?? 4 adults 2 kids (8yo boy, 6yo girl) planning for Friday 12/6, crowd level 10!!!
Right now I have the following FPs:
Frozen 10am (I can swap for later, they are a few other time slots available)
TSM 2pm - Only time I could get
Star Tours 3pm - There are some later times available
Could not get Slinky Dog :frowning:
I have Lunch booked at Hollywood and Vine, I have an a 11:25am and 2:05pm, will drop one once I figure our TP.
Would like to do Toy Story Land, Jedi Training, Star Wars Launch Bay. We would like to walk over and see the new SW land but aren’t going to ride the rides so not critical. We would like to see Jingle Bell, Jingle Bam.
I can’t decide whether to do TSL 1st or closer to end of day!

Thanks to anyone that can help!

Anyone up to the challenge?!?! It’s the day after the new SW attraction opens!

I would definitively RD Toy Story Land (Slinky Dog Dash followed by AS2 and/or the Meet & Greet)

Rise of the Resistance (and Millenium Falcon) should draw the vast majority of the crowds at Rope Drop (like Pandora did in AK three years ago).
I would still be there early (45 mins before park opening) for Toy Story Land.

I would then go the the Jedi Training Sign-up and the Star Wars Launch Bay.
I would try to do the Frozen Sign Along later in the day, because you’ll need more than 1 hour to get all these things.

So, maybe something like this:
9:00 - SDD
9:30 - AS2 or Meet and Greet
10:00 - Jedi Training Sign-Up
10:15 - Star Wars Launch Bay
11:25 - Hollywood and Vine
1:30 - Frozen Sing-Along
2:15 - TSM
3:00 - Star Tours (and look for additional FP+)
3:30 - Any other show (Little Mermaid / McQueen Acadamy / Muppet 3D)
4:30 - Visit Star Wars Galaxy’'s Edge (Eat at Docking Cargo 7 ?)
6:00 - Indiana Jones Epic Show