Help me plan my 2.5 day solo trip!

I realize now that I’m home from a long awaited girls long weekend at the beach, that my Solo trip is fast approaching. I have absolutely 0 things planned so far and I really need your help to get my crap together!!!

So tell me what I need

Days: Arriving Monday may 9th ( flight lands around 9:30 am), Leaving Wednesday may 11th (flight departs around 7:30)

Staying- I got one of those $109 per night priceline deals at ASmu a while back so I grabbed that. Could care less as its just going to be me and I plan on only being in my room to sleep!

Park ressies:
Monday- MK with park hopping to epcot and/or HS
Tuesday- HS, with park hop to epcot, and GOTG preview at 4pm
Wednesday- MK, possible park hop to AK before hitting the airport.

Goals- I really don’t have much. I’ve never done bread service at Sanaa since my family is picky, so I’d like to try to get over to do that.
I have no TS reservations, I plan on QS the whole trip.
Rides: probably BTMR, SM and Space mountain at MK are my must do’s (and people mover). All else can be skipped if necessary. HS- TOT and SDD are top choices, all else can be skipped if need be. EPCOT- Soarin and GOTG. AK- EE.

I’m considering taking an Uber from the airport. I’ve done mears connect as well but I can’t decide if the extra money for uber is worth the time made up from taking mears. What do you think?

I will be ubering back to the airport, and this gives me a bit of anxiety, but I now have TSA precheck, so I don’t think I need to be at the airport 3 hrs.

I don’t think with my few rides I want to get on that I’ll need genie +… what do you think?

What else should I do??? I’m open to suggestions!!


That sounds like a pretty solid plan to me! I’ll be at ASSp on the 10th and heading to AK the morning of the 11th. Maybe we can have a drive by during that time.

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Such a bummer we couldn’t coordinate our trips :disappointed:
And I’m so jealous that you get to do GotG, I can’t wait to hear about it!
Sounds like you don’t really need a plan, sometimes the non-plan plan is the best one.

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Wahhh. I wish you were renewing your pass!!! But when you are ready to go back, count me in!


Connections cafe will be open by the time I’m there. Adding it to the list!

It opened today.

ETA: Soft opening a few days before the official date.