Help me plan for 5 days…

Hello! I need help making my plans! We will be at RIV Jan 16-22. I would either buy 6 day park hopper or 5 day park hopper. The thought with the 5 day tickets is that we can have a relaxed day Sunday the 16th (should be a busy day due to MLK day). Maybe grab a breakfast and resort hop for the day. We usually prefer to get into the parks early and then take a break before hopping. How would you plan the parks each day Monday- Friday? I would have favored more mornings at HS but now we don’t need boarding groups. Thanks for the help!!!

17th: AK, (best park on a holiday,) 18th: MK, 19th: EP, 20th, DHS, 21st: MK or DHS. Hop easily to EP or DHS any evening from the Riv via SL.

Yes relax on Sunday and take in the atmosphere.

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