Help me plan an evening at Disney Springs

We have a 5.50pm booking at Bibbidi Bobbidi Botique for Miss 4. I would like to book a fun night out at Disney Springs. We already have tickets for Characters of Flight.

Looking for:

  • Restaurant recommendation
  • fun things to do

There aren’t a lot of Princess(y) types of eats in Disney Springs but there are a lot of fun things to do. A lot will depend on what your kids are into. World of Disney is always a good bet for shopping.

Stop in at Fun finds and they sell Mystery grab bags that are fun to open and a great value. I think they were $12 the last time we were there but they are sealed up so you have no idea what you’re getting. sometimes it’s plush toys, magnets, pencils, candy, vinyl figures, key chains, post cards, any small souvenir is up for grabs. You get several things in each bag and always get your money’s worth and then some.

As for dining the two main restaurants sort of aimed at kids are Rainforest Cafe and T-Rex. Neither is very princess like and personally I find them to be really loud with mediocre food, but there are also plenty of fans of them. There is also an AMC dine in theater available. If there happens to be something playing that she’d like to see you can sit and eat as you watch the movie. We have one here at home and we love going to it.

My recommendation would be Raglan Road. It was voted the #1 restaurant in Orlando a few years ago and rarely sees a negative review. Ask for a table by the stage. They have Irish Dancers and musicians that perform during dinner and will bring kids up on the stage and teach them how to dance.

There is also lots of dessert places from ice cream to crepes to fancy ganache in tons of flavors. Sprinkles Cupcakes just opened as well.

The biggest thing to remember though is that the combined parts of DS make it a huge place with lots of walking so make sure if she’ll be walking rather than riding to have comfortable shoes for her.


Totally agree with your Ragland Road recommendation. it was a hoot watching the dancers interact with the kiddos. I don’t know if it happens every night, but when we were there, the dancers were off the main stage for a while, but were out in the crowd doing a little stepping and getting the little ones to dance with them…

ooo… where’s fun finds located @Outer1? sounds like my kind of addiction!!

once upon a toy is a very fun stop also @rebeccasisson!! may I suggest Tsum Tsums for your princess??

Thanks for all the great suggestions, I have put them all on my list for our night out and also got a reservation at Ragland Road! Thanks again.

You will love Raglan Road…we always go there! The food is lovely very authentic Irish and the staff are really friendly :smile: Enjoy!

Sorry @quicha I didn’t get on here all weekend. It’s located down in the Marketplace near the Christmas store and World of Disney.

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