Help me plan a minimal trip to Orlando

SOOOO much better than the book!


Fun story:
We have a similar hidden Mickey book (it’s quite old though)
Apparently there is a hidden Mickey in the ink and paint shop at AOA above one of the registers. Last summer when we stayed there, my daughter went right over and pointed it out to a cast member. The cast member was so impressed she let her pick out a pin from the pin trading thing.
So fun!!


That’s so great!!

Slightly boring update

I spent quite a long time (!) on Virgin’s website last night and again this morning looking for a flight that satisfied my various requirements.

Firstly it had to be at a price covered by my voucher (or pretty close).

Second, I wanted to travel Upper Class (i.e. business class). My original ticket was UC but the prices have jumped to four times what they used to be pre-COVID. This meant I had to switch airport from my local, Manchester, to London, where there were at least some affordable UC fares.

Third, I discovered that Virgin have introduced a new Upper Class “suite” which is much better than the existing one. However this is only available on certain flights. So I had to check endless options to find a flight that had it. Often it was much more expensive.

Fourth, l needed dates after the school exams but including at least some days in June because my UOR AP is blocked in July.

In the end I found a set of dates that ticked all of those boxes. But I can’t just book it. I have to submit a request and who knows when it will be processed. So I’m living in fear the price will jump up in the meantime and I’ll be back to square one.

The dates are seven nights covering the end of June and beginning of July. If I get the booking I’ll be pretty excited!


Thanks for this lovely post :grinning:

So far as accommodations are concerned I considered a split stay with UOR but the hotels that come with free Express Passes are really expensive at that time of year (no sign of an AP discount). I’m figuring it’ll be simpler to just stay in one hotel.

I’m reasonably set on ASMu or ASSp, which are $200 a night all-in. I’m open to alternative off-property suggestions, but I like the new rooms and being on property has some upsides in terms of theming and buses and so on.


Idea related to resort exploration: Monorail loop resorts. Poly has dole whips :wink: and Trader Sams. In EC do the WS scavenger hunt, if they have one. It’s a nice way to explore the countries while you hunt down whatever it is they have you looking to find.


I enjoy the A Pirates Adventure game too in Adventureland if you’ve never done that. They effects are neat.


Not sure if you missed my earlier post about offsite hotels.

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Thank you for that.

I’ve decided to stick with ASMu. I just feel I know exactly what I’m getting and the price was pretty good.


I got the booking! I’m pretty excited!



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Here are things I personally would focus on, maybe a couple would interest you?

  • people mover during fireworks, with a mickey treat of some sort (bar? Sandwich? The fight continues)
  • wilderness explorers, at least the start of it
  • an afternoon showing of the AK bird show to see my bff the marabou stork (he doesn’t do mornings and I don’t blame him tbh)
  • wild Africa trek
  • resort dining/drinking… ale and compass, 3 bridges, boma, lounges, topolinos, trader Sam’s, abracadabrar
  • 2-3 ws countries at a time so i don’t get attention fatigue and rush through
  • a sleepy hollow waffle enjoyed slowly with a view of the castle
  • identifying and admiring each of the animals carved into her majesty the tree
  • strolling pandora at night w a night blossom
  • tree awakenings (sensing a theme?)

I’m sure there’s more but that’s a good start


Those are some awesome suggestions :grinning:

Honestly: who needs rides?


Kids. Which is why I prefer to leave mine at home lol


Well I was fooled. Usually I can tell which posts are yours by the title of the post. I never would have associated you with a “minimal trip” :slight_smile:


I like to keep you people on your toes.

But actually I’m really excited about doing a trip that’s not focussed on rides. I don’t want to keep repeating the same trip.


Great ideas! Your sleepy hollow suggestion reminded me of something I did on my first solo trip. I got a huge ice cream sundae from The Plaza ice cream shop and then walked over to The Hub and sat on the green “grass,” ate my ice cream and people watched. So simple, but one of the highlights of my trip.

Other suggestions:

  • (Assuming things back to normalish) Watch an entire Dapper Dan’s show
  • Watch the Flag ceremony at 5
  • Ride the monorail and/or skyliner around just for fun, not really to go anywhere. Same suggestion for boat ride from MK to WL.
  • Eat a Mickey Bar pool side
  • Watch the fireworks from a different location - ie Poly or GF beach
  • Walt Disney Presents in HS
  • Watch the Gorillas and Meerkats for awhile on Gorilla Falls Trail

Seriously??? You can’t claim you’ve been to Disney if you have not ridden Dumbo.


I stayed at ASMo for two nights before a Disney cruise. No park days. We did brunch at City Works with mimosa flights (flight landed at 7:30 AM). We then walked around Disney Springs. I got my first candy apple. Not sure why I’ve waited so long but it was so good. We also played two rounds of mini golf–the summer and winter courses. We stayed by the pool quite a bit as well. I LOVED not having to rush to a park and run from ride to ride. If I were you, I’d walk around and explore every country in world showcase, I would explore star wars land in the day and at night. The times I’ve been there, I’ve never really looked around. I’ve not been in a single store. Prioritize all the things you’ve never done in MK. I’ve done Carousel of Progress twice in one day. Explore all the details of each land in MK. And ride Dumbo for heaven’s sake!

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