Help me plan a commando strike HHN+WWHP trip


I’d tell your DW now and plan together, much more fun, she might also have friends who can help with the school run, or take your kids wed night. I don’t know about your kids and parents, but for us, the hardest part for the grandparents is getting the kids ready and into school on time, they find this the most stressfull, on that basis I’d do Thursday morning until Sunday. Iwould try and extend your trip a tiny bit more, 2 whole days with express pass and no kids should give you enough time to try every ride you want to, and spend hours casting spells.


@Tate always gives sage advice. I would follow it. For me the planning and anticipation is half the fun of the trip!


DW hates planning and likes surprises :slight_smile:


Swap the words “hates” and “likes” in that sentence, and you have my wife! :smiley:

But I’ll add a caveat to that. She likes that I ATTEMPTED a surprise, as long as she knows about the surprise well ahead of time so as not to be actually surprised at all!

Now, on the flip side, my wife has attempted, numerous times, to surprise me. In all our years of marriage, she’s only managed it once. Somehow, I always seem to spoil her surprise…either by just figuring it out, or by complete accident. Like one time recently, there was something I had mentioned I needed. So, she bought it for me for Christmas. Then, like two weeks before Christmas I asked her if she wanted to go shopping with me. What did I want to buy? Yes. The very thing she had sitting hidden in our home already! So, she says, “Um.,” then disappears for a moment and returns with a box and says, “Merry Christmas.”



We have a standing rule that you can’t buy anything for yourself within a month of Christmas or your birthday. I’ve done the same thing before, where she comes home and I’m playing with some new gadget I’d purchased online and I get the Death Stare that means “that was the one good gift idea I had for you and you just ruined it”.


Yeah. Generally we do, too. In this particular case (I forget what the item was exactly now) it was something I never imagined my wife would ever actually buy for me, so I wasn’t worried about it.

I know that stare.


I just read on another post what would be the perfect surprise for me. An upgrade! On the post the family was being surprised to stay at a deluxe when they thought they would be going to a value resort. So at UOR, I would love to know I was going and to help plan/anticipate, but then when we showed up find out that we were getting some kind of amazing upgrade that I wasn’t expecting!


She wouldn’t care about the resort accommodations themselves, but if I’m forced to reveal my plans early I could leave out the part where I’m getting express passes and wands and all that.

Thanks for the idea!


I confess that I only skimmed all the posts in this thread, but I don’t think this was brought up. The one thing that may or may not be an issue with this plan is that if you are trying to do all of HHN, you won’t have much time to spend in Diagon Alley at night. If you are not going to HHN on a certain night, given your dates, you won’t have access to Diagon Alley at night at all. For me, this is the only real downside. Again, you CAN get into Diagon Alley during HHN, but if you are trying to do all the HHN houses and shows, etc., you can’t really take the time to marvel in the glory of nighttime DIagon Alley, which, I feel, is truly wonderful. This would be the only drawback I see, but a small one at that.