Help me pick? Tom Sawyer Island or Pirate scavenger hunt game?

Gah! :grinning:
You’ll make me re-think all my TPs that I have actually finally managed to stop 2nd guessing!!

I had settled on trying to convince DS to do BTMR (which I think he will) and Splash (which I think he will not) and having TSI as a backup option for him to do while older DD and DH do splash (or both if he refuses to even do BTMRR).

For games I had settled on letting the kids do a few rounds of SOTMK in between our FPs on the 2nd afternoon if all goes well with our ride goals the previous 1.5 days. Someone said you can ask the CM when you sign up to assign you to start in a specific spot so I was just going to have them do our MBs as separate unlinked games so we could pick different “starting spots” to do the game as just a single round per MB, rather than chasing it all over MK.

If we run behind due to waits or rides down earlier in our schedule we can just chuck the SOTMK plans and aim for day of FPs but I do not think they will be up for super long lines so wanted to have a back up plan in case there are not good day of FP options we want at the times we need.

Yeah on the day we have it planned we are doing RD and then heading to DS for early supper after the parade so a long day for my littlest. Was thinking the quiet time out to TSI and more open/Unstructured nature of it would be good for him (assuming he refuses to ride Splash Mtn as I strongly suspect he will!).

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You play in one of the lands at a time, but within that you will be going all over the place. Although you have a map, that just shows where the portals are. You still need to find the right one, (they’re not numbered or anything, and the order is random). I well remember searching up and down Main St (along with a lot of others) for one in particular. Turned out it was kinda mis-positioned on the map because they’d moved it and not updated the maps!

But you certainly used to be able to request a particular land to start in. Once you start though, and complete that land, you will be automatically moved onto the next.

I was surprised how long it took us to finish one game. What with the crowds in general, and the lines at each portal, and the back-tracking, it took it’s toll. This was July though :rofl:

Thanks for the feedback! I will admit that this is the part of my TP that I was not fully sold on for awhile but I think my kids will love SOTMK so wanted to let them try.

“Once you start though, and complete that land, you will be automatically moved onto the next.

I was surprised how long it took us to finish one game. ”

I was hoping to just do a round and not “move on” at all to the next level/land by not linking up our MBs and just playing one round at a time on one then starting a different round on another. I know we wouldn’t finish a level that way but we won’t have time to do the fantasyland round regardless so figured it would be fine?

When you say “finish one game” do you mean one round in a land or a level that completed all lands? How long is reasonable for just a round - i’ve seen 20 minutes?

I meant just doing the one Land.

I think it took more like 45 minutes to an hour. Each time we found a portal there were about 5 or 6 groups ahead of us, and sometimes we found we were at the wrong one.

It’s been updated since then though. Also this was my DS (8) playing, who pretty much refused much help. My job was to hold the cards, not to advise on where to go next. So often I knew we weren’t at the right one but he wouldn’t listen!

One thing to check. To start, everyone had to play the very first portal which was near the fire station. That then gave you the clue to the first portal of the land you were playing in. When you register, check if that’s still the case. You’d want to get that one done there and then, to prevent you having to rush all the way back there later on.

Do you enjoy T. Sawyer Island or is it too time consuming and hot for a July trip?

My 10yo DD and I went for the first time in July. She loved it. But we were hot and overheating. It is cooler back there because of the shade and you can get a nice breeze on top of the fort. But you are also running all over an island.

I recommend going once to do it. It is like you have gone to different time. And I love the view of the park from that perspective, but I am a sucker for Haunted Mansion.

But go after you have been in AC or plan to go into AC.

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TSI will be hot in July. The air tends to be humid and stagnant except on the outskirts due to the thick foliage, and being surrounded by water. You can get some respite by delving into the caves, which stay cool. But while I adore TSI, as do most kids, I am not sure the dead heat of summer is the best time for it unless you are fairly heat and humidity tolerant.

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