Help Me Pick- Poly or Riviera

Yes, this is why I booked the AKL CL (with points, which is nearly impossible but I got lucky). I was confused why one would book now when CL is not open and does not look like it would be opening, but I guess booking in the hope of it being open makes a certain kind of sense.

I’ve kept my CL reservation because its part of my May 2021 cruise trip, but since the cruise isn’t going to happen I will probably end up cancelling, not just because/if CL services and lounges are not open


Cash CL are not the same limited inventory as DVC CL, is that right? I read that when I was deciding whether to use points to book CL. I love my Arusha savannah room views, so not having that is a big negative, but given the reviews of CL services and lounge I thought I’d give it a try.

It is not the same. Although the lounge is the same. The offerings were good in the lounge. I preferred WL for CL offerings but as DVC, AKL would be nice.

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