Help me pick one last restaurant

There are just too many choices and not enough days!

We’ll do one TS per day, and I think I’ve got our park days picked out.
HS: Sci-Fi
MK: Whispering Canyon Cafe
Epcot: Biergarten
AK: Saana

On our last day, our travel day, I think we’ll have until about 2. Our flight leaves just before 5 that evening. So, I was thinking about heading to Disney Springs for some shopping and lunch.

As I look at our reservations, they’re pretty much all the same… burgers, BBQ, sausage. Hopefully some of the QS will give us more variety. We’re fairly adventurous eaters, so something a little different would be good. Kids will be 6 and 10.
Any suggestions for us?
Morimoto Asia? The Edison looks super cool… but the food?
We don’t have a character meal this time… not sure if we’ll miss it. Maybe DD6 will… but she was kind of freaked out by the “face” characters a couple years ago. The furry ones, she was good with. So, that would be another option… a resort CM.

Next time, we’re going for like 2 weeks. I’m so jealous of those of you who get to go for that long.

Where are you staying? With a short day, you don’t want to travel too much.

We are trying Morimoto Asia next month.

If you are looking for a character option…how about a late breakfast at 1900 Park Fare? They have Mary Poppins, The Mad Hatter, Alice, Tigger, & Pooh.

We’ll be at Bay Lake Towers.

We’ve done Chef Mickey before - it was fun for the characters, but the food was just … fine… With the kids getting older, I’d actually prefer better food. (And with a 10 year old, buffets just aren’t worth it)

I was going to say 1900PF too if you weren’t too far away, but it’s a buffet. What about Kona at the Poly?

Disney food blog did a podcast on the Edison and it sounds very cool. The apps and desserts were given huge thumbs up and main meals were so so. Theming seems awesome!

Of course everyone recommends RR and your kids might like the dancing.

We are going to try Homecomin the day we are going. If your kids are into Star Wars there is the Void in DS that we are going to try out. I believe your DD6 will be too young though.

We picked The Edison for dinner our first day. I looked at some pictures of the food and it looks delicious, but it’s pretty burgery.

What about Cape May?

Yep officially you have to be 10. Unofficially, the height requirement is only 48” which my kids had hit by 6. Not that I’m suggesting 6yos should do it, the gear is heavy, but CMs there have said 9yos are ok as long as they meet the height requirement.

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There is Raglan Road at DS. Excellent food and service: Irish fare.

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Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone! Right now, The Edison, The Boathouse, and Homecomin’ are at the top of my list. I think I’ve talked myself out of Morimoto. We’d want sushi, and just like our local place better than anywhere else. (We got sushi at Kona a couple years ago and were thoroughly disappointed).

We’ve been to Raglan Road (last name McGlone… it had to be the first stop on our first trip ever) so want to try something different.

I sure wish we could do the Void… DD6 will be right at the high requirement, I think… but really, it’ll be too much for her. She’ll JUST be 6. Maybe next time.

So, of the three, above, are any harder to get than the others? Since I’ll be up and making reservations, I think I’d try to pick the one that’s hardest to get, and then rearrange if necessary…

Not sure how tough in general. My 180 day was today, and as others have said it seemed really tight. I could not get SciFi for time I wanted, had to split party for TH, no BOG available. I did book Homecomin for our first day about 20 min from the time we wanted for a party of 5.

Of your 3, the Boathouse is the only one I’ve been to. It’s “signature”, so it will be more expensive than the others. Homecomin’ gets nothing but outstanding reviews. I’ve read mixed reviews of the Edison; the setting is supposed to be very cool, but the food seems to be hit or miss. And it’s going to be burgers and sandwiches. I plan on stopping in for a drink on my next trip.

I can’t compare it to to Kona as I’ve not had it there, but the sushi at Morimoto’s is excellent (as was the soba). Like RR and Hiomecomin’, I’ve never read a bad review.

I’m not sure about Homecomin, but Raglan Road and BOATHOUSE can also be booked on Open Table (without the 24-hour notice for cancellation required to avoid a charge) if there is nothing on the WDW site.

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Ouch. Even SciFi was hard to get? I was hoping that I’d picked “easy” ADRs this time. I don’t really want to get up at 5 am to do this.

I didn’t realize the Boathouse was signature… it looks like Morimoto is, too. Hmm. Maybe drinks & dessert at the Edison and some real food at a QS…
Or… Homecomin.

I guess I’d better ask the family. :smiley:

Sci-Fi was number 3 on my list for reservations to make at 6:00 AM on my ADR day. I could only get a 4:00 dinner, 60 +5. The other reservations I made before that were Chef Mickey and Ohana.

It’s been my experience that Sci-Fi is the hardest to get at DHS (although I can’t comment on H&V as I have no interest in it).

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Sci Fi is really hard to get!

Gasp! Really., I’m hoping that’s true. I can’t let one kid do it and the other not. She’s over the height and so close to age.

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Reports are that they haven’t asked age, but they is a bit where you have to enter your age and it won’t accept an age under 10, so you’d need to be aware of that.