Help me pick Dining

Ok i know everyone obesses over the Table service reservations so this is going to be an odd request. I need help picking Quick service meals. We have the free QS DDP and are paying for 1 OOP TS. Here is my current itinerary:
Sunday: Arrive early from offsite hotel check into POP. We will go Monorail riding and then go to POFQ for dinner. I will be doing photography with my daughter at Grand Floridian, Poly Beach, and POR
Breakfast Offsite hotel
Lunch ? monorail resort ?
Dinner Sassagoula @ POFQ

Monday: AK/Epcot day
Breakfast in room
Lunch Flame Tree BBQ
Dinner: Something in Epcot or Monorail resort?

Tuesday Blizzard beach water park day
Breakfast: Big Breakfast at POP food court before going to waterpark
Lunch: Snack credit something in BB?
Dinner: ?

Wednesday MK day
Breakfast BOG 2 Breakfast platters split
Lunch BOG
Dinner Pecos Bills split 2 Loaded Nachos

Thursday: Typhoon Lagoon Water park and Disney Springs shopping
Breakfast Big Breakfast or POP or AOA
Lunch snack credit something in TL
Dinner: Something in Disney Springs?

Friday check out :frowning:
Breakfast: Bon Voyage TS breakfast

Bold areas are the ones I dont know what to do.

When are you going. Snack credits can be used at Food and Wine.

Look at the menus at the eateries in the Contemporary and the Poly. POFQ had jambalaya on the menu . It was a QS meal that I shared with my son.

I have heard that the QS at the Poly is good, but I have not tried it since it was remodeled. If it were me, I’d go there on Sunday.

Monday I would choose a QS in Epcot - the french one is our favorite and is really good (also you can get lots of good stuff on a snack credit here!) but my husband also likes the one in the Greece area. Oh! And the Sunshine Seasons is always a good idea in Future World.

Tuesday I would grab a QS at one of the resorts. Our favorite QS is contempo cafe in the contemporary.

Thursday I would go to Disney Springs. Lots of people like Earl of Sandwich, but we usually just go to Wolfgang Puck and share a pizza/salad and then grab a treat at the ice cream shop.

My favorite QS at resort Le are: the Mara at AKL, Captain Cook’s at Poly , Geyser Point at WL, The food court at POR

I love WPE at Marketplace

In parks: CHH, Tangierine Cafe, Yak and Yeti


We like Wolfgang Puck Express at DS Marketplace, Contempo Cafe at Contemporary and food court at POR. In park we like Sunshine Seasons, Columbia House and Yak and Yeti.


Can’t help with mono QS. For EP Yorkshire Fish and Chips or Tangerine Cafe. GG is OK, but I prefer more “unusual” at EP.

Great topic! We have the QS plan this fall for the first time. I’m going to follow for suggestions! We are doing 2-3 ADRs for TS during our stay as well.

Captain Cook’s and Geyser Point are on my list for QS to try!

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If you are at Pop at lunch or dinner time, there are some decent choices at AOA Landscape of Flavors

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I forgot about snacking around Epcot F&W. I’ll add that option.
Water park menus looked pretty sad. So on Water park days we will eat big breakfast and then have dinner when we get back.

We have always done Early of Sandwich in DS so I’m hoping to try something new. I’ll check out WPE.

Sounds like Contempo or Captain Cook’s for monorail crawl lunch.

Tuesday night we may just stay at POP or walk to AOA since we have an early ADR at MK on Wed.

Wolfgang Puck Express was really good in DS! I had some sort of meatloaf meal and it was amazing! It was hard to believe it was a QS credit.

We just saw a You tube video about Ample Hill. Its on my snack list…My family is not huge foodies. We almost never eat out unless on vacation. We just prefer our home cooked meals. But Ice Cream is a different story. My husband and kids will have Ice cream 3 times a day at Disney if they can. They are all drooling over this video of Ample Hills creamery LOL

Deluxe Burger, Earl of Sandwich, and Wolfgang Puck Express all get very good reviews (I haven’t tried any of them). Blaze Pizza also gets excellent reviews, but I don’t know if it’s TS or QS. My guilty pleasure is “pub grub”, so the few times I’ve eaten QS in DS I’ve gone to Cookes of Dublin… I’ve also heard good things about Morimoto’s QS, but it’s a very limited menu, so you’d have to check to see if there’s something on it you like.

As they should. While I only got a milkshake there, the place was a standout on my trip. You’ll love it!