Help me pick a room at CBR

Ok so… we are in the missed Disney trip due to coronavirus group and had to reschedule. I’m bummed that we can’t stay at POP now because my littlest will turn 3 before we can go again and will need a 5th sleeper room. I honestly would probably prefer To rebook at POR but DD is heartbroken about our trip and was so looking forward to staying on the skyliner route. Sooooo… CBR it is (ps AoA suites our out of the budget for this one).

I have heard mixed results of a room request location. I was looking at Jamaica 45 but I also wouldn’t rule out something else. It looks like this building is fairy central but I know the resort is sprawling so it’s hard to tell. We definitely will be using the skyliner heavily (3 of at least 7 of the park days) but we also have 3 MK days so knowing the ins and outs of the busses will help.

Lastly, please don’t tell me you hate the resort. This is all so frustrating with having to start this process over again and I am really just looking for helpful feedback at this time. Thank you so much!

I loved CBR and the skyliner was part of me loving it. The rooms are not newer, still carpet but just fine. I stayed in Aruba building 51 and thought it was a grrat location. Almost equal distance between skyliner stations and the bridge through to old port royale was a nice walk…not to long. It took us 10 mins to get to hollywood studios from our room walkkng to the main hub. The pool is great and the my 4 year old loved the splash area. Not a great selection of quick service food but they did have chicken nuggests so the kids were happy. Pool bar had good food as well. I would totally stay there again.

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We stayed in building 45 on our last trip, and it is the most central location between Old Port Royale and the Skyliner. It was still a bit of a haul to both, in part because there is one area to cross the roadway getting from the rooms to the skyliner, so although it looks like a straight shot, you have to walk a bit up and around to get there. To get to Old Port Royale, you have to go through winding paths over the island (again, looks like more or less a straight shot, but it really isn’t; we got lost in there once).

If your priority is the skyliner, I’d suggest either building 41 or maybe building 55 on the Riviera side.

edited to add: actually, we stayed in 44, facing the pool – we requested 45 but got 44 (just recalled that, sorry! All the above still holds true, though).

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Our two cents on CBR … We’ve stayed at the CBR the most out of the Disney moderate resorts on our trips.

it is huge and sprawling … but there is an internal bus that just continually circles the complex.
The large theme pool is very cool, but it can get a little crowded and noisy but there are small quiet pools in each of the different lands.

the rooms are getting a bit dated, tired carpet, tired worn furniture, ect.

Since the skyliner opened, we’ve always requested Aruba bldg 55, which is very close to the Riveria skyliner station. Its also close to the Aruba bus stop.

We get up and leave for the parks early, and get back late to crash. So the room and complex is not especially the most important part of our tirp.

You’re going to love CBR! It’s lush, elegant, and relaxing. The quiet pools are heavenly and the food court was yummy though weird. They’ve changed it up since I was there though so let me know what you think.
Have a great time!

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We stayed at CBR, Jamaica 43, cannot remember room number, second floor, corner room, at Thansgiving and loved the resort. The resort is large but we didn’t mind the short (10 min) walks to OPR or the CBR Skyliner station. It’s also lush and tropical feeling, which we found lovely and relaxing in our time away from the parks, which was more time than we’d initially expected. Indeed Jamaica 45 is closest to the bridge to OPR.

Lots of folks complain about the buses so let me say, based on my one experience, the buses were actually better than I expected. We too the internal bus one night to and from dinner at Spyglass Grill in Trinidad, but not because we needed to, but because our son likes riding buses (shrug). We also took Disney buses to and from Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom. We never waited more than ten minutes and the only full bus we encountered was right after HEA on Thanksgiving. My husband had to stand holding our sleeping five year old, which stunk. We also Ubered to MK (actually the Contemporary) on Thankagiving morning which was was quick and easy. Driver picked up at back of Jamaica 43.

We loved Skyliner and took it every opportunity we could. Note ROTR was not yet open for our trip so we weren’t trying to get to HS for a boarding group. We did take it to EPCOT for a PPO breakfast at Garden Grill and got there in plenty of time. It does slow down or stop to let ECVs on and off.

As others have mentioned half of the Aruba buildings are close to Riviera station.

I thought the room was fine. I think they were last updated five or six years ago, so their time is hopefully coming soon. The carpet could go, for sure. And I think the rooms would be cleaner if people didn’t opt out of Mousekeeping. And there was pressure from the resort to opt out. But even with that, we still liked the room well enough.

Here is a map that shows both Skyliner stations, in case you need it

I hope you have a wonderful trip!

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