Help me narrow this down


Using the recent thread on best snacks as well as lots of other internet research, I am compiling a list of all the snacks I want to eat on our upcoming visit. Problem is, I’ll die if I try to eat all this. :wink: I’d love your help in prioritizing my list so that I know I at least get a taste of the best items if I can’t have them all.

This is what I have listed so far in no particular order:
Fruit and nutella waffle - Sleepy Hollow
Macaroon ice cream sandwich - L’glaces de Artisan
Fresh Berry Cream Puff - Kringla
Cheshire Cupcake Cup - Cheshire Café - this is for my daughter
Napoleon - Les Halles
Chocolate croissant - Les Halles
Carrot cake cookie sandwich - HS
Crepes - Crepes de Les Chefs
Kakigori - Japan
Ribs - Morimoto Asia walk-up window
Empanada/taco/margarita - Choza de Tequila
Fish and chips - Yorkshire Co Fish Shop - my son loves fish and chips
One of everything - Amorette’s Patisserie :smile:
Ice cream - Ample Hills Creamery
Caramel Apple - MK
Dole Whip

Help me narrow this down! What should I absolutely not miss and what is just “ok”. Have I left off anything that’s a glaring must eat?


I would remove the caramel apple since it’s a) not good and b) you can easily get it somewhere else. Then, with a clear conscience, I would eat everything else. :stuck_out_tongue:


I sure do love a caramel apple and I must have just lucked up getting a really delicious one on a visit in 2016, but your point is well taken that I can get that most anywhere.


I love your list and see no need to trim it down, however I note a lack of beverages in your list @rckstrscat. Are you margarita-ing all the way?


Margarita is definitely my drink of choice and I’ll likely have a couple. Overall we aren’t huge drinkers though.


Most I have not tried, but the carrot cake cookie and Dole whips are must-dos for me every trip. I consider Yorkshire F&C to be a meal more than a snack - and it’s probably my favorite QS in EP. Not on your list, but the Ice cream cookie sandwich at SH is one of my favorites - but it’s huge, so it would probably be a share.


The fish & chip shop does seem to be loved by everyone except the British. I found Dole whips lacking but I haven’t tried it with the pineapple cake yet. Don’t think I’ve had any of the others on the list. I watch AJ from the DFBGuide and there’s a long pastry with blue icing from Cheshire Cat I’d like to try and we haven’t had any poutine yet.


Although I haven’t enjoyed all of these, I don’t think you can go wrong with anything on your list! You def could manage them all if you share! In my family, fish and chips and the fruit/nutella waffle are meals. Vacation meals are more fun! If you have them for a meal, you can get to more of the snacks on your list. We loved the caramel apple and got it cut up to share during Illuminations. Best eaten right away. May be able to get them elsewhere but this caramel blows others out of the water! I have read about a churro ice cream sandwich that sounds delish! Sorry, that didn’t help by adding to the list! Hope you’ll let us know what you chose and your thoughts! Enjoy!


Hi, still a newbie here. We will be there in 8 days! Me (2nd trip but it’s been 16 years) my BF (he has been many times but his family did a very narrow touring so a lot he has not done and it has been several years) and GD (almost 8 1st trip!) I was thinking that maybe so we can try more snacks we should split each between us. Would we be able to get an extra plate or utensils when ordering?


At most places you pick up your utensils separately after you get your food. Not sure about extra plates. Some of the snacks are definitely big enough to share. We got two of the cinnamon rolls from Gaston’s Tavern for four of us to share. They are huge and made a delicious breakfast for us!


I especially like the version with rum that’s available at AK.


Not all doll whip are equal! I usually get the float and the juice is made directly from pineapple. Sometimes, I feel the juice is not as good, because the pineapple was not the juiciest or sweetest when they made it! And then I’ll get a second one later in the day and it tastes amazing.


I love this list! I’ve been compiling one of my own, and I’ll definitely take some notes from yours!

Also, the creme brûlée in the bakery of the French pavilion is the best I’ve ever had. And I’ve had a lot. :slight_smile:

I’m also planning on going to Amorette’s Patisserie for the first time this visit. Last time we were in WDW we were celebrating my daughter’s engagement at BOG for dinner. I pre-ordered one of the Amorette’s Mickey ears cakes for dessert and it was A.Mazing. Surprisingly it was only $35. I think it might be a little smaller than the ones they sell in the bakery, but that was fine with me. We had 9 people, the cake was supposed to serve 6, but it was enough after that big dinner for everyone. We will be staying onsite in 41 days, and I’m considering having a cake delivered to our room as a welcome surprise for everyone. I figure it would make a good midnight snack.


Great list. I’d remove the Nutella waffle from Sleepy Hollow. I had it last time I was there since I always seemed to miss it. In the end ,its a waffle with some nutella slathered on and some fruit. You can do that at home. The waffle isn’t as good (sugary) as a Mickey Waffle. This is coming from a big waffle/nutella fan.

Items from Les Halles - what we do is order a few and then take a couple of bites from each so everyone gets a little bit of a taste. Honestly, the chocolate croissant is just okay. If you like Nutella then get the Nutella beignet from Les Halles, yum!

Fish and chips - there has been a lot of discussion regarding the quality of the fish and how it has changed. Last time I was there I avoided it so I didn’t take the risk and went to the Rose & Crown which was delicious as always.