Help me narrow ADR's down

I am having to narrow our dining choices down now that our ADR booking window is close. Please help me eliminate a few (3-4 restaurants). We are a family of four: me, DH, DS6, DS2. We will be on the regular dining plan for 7 nights.
-Chef Mickeys
-Crystal Palace pre rope drop
-Ohana dinner
-Le Cellier (OOP for me)
-rainforest cafe
-Prime Time cafe dinner
-Trails end lunch on day off from park
-1900 park fare dinner
-via Napoli
-Hollywood and vine breakfast
-Beaches and Cream-OOP if need more credits
-Liberty Tree Tavern-OOP if low on credits lunch

I would probably knock off Rainforest Cafe because you can do that outside of Disney. I love 'Ohana dinner…it’s a family favorite! I l also like to do a pre RD breakfast once during our stay so we can get a view of the park without the crowds, then be poised for an attraction as soon as they open. I usually plan which park we’re going to on which day then decide on convenient dining options from there.

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Given your list, I’d knock offs TRex (DTD is an avoid for me, food is average although ambiance is cool), Hollywood and Vine (just ok), 1900 (just ok), Rainforest (not unique to WDW). Move LTT up.

I would look at the value of the DP with VN and 50’s as well.

Agree w that sentiment in general. (IMHO!)

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I’d ditch T-rex and Rainforest because they’re not really uniquely Disney to me. Because of the ages of your kids, the Hollywood and Vine breakfast would be awesome – meeting the DIsney Junior characters is a lot of fun.

While I like Via Napoli, make sure that there’s something unique on the menu that you plan on ordering, otherwise you’re just paying a lot of money for a plain ol’ pizza. Another option would be Trattoria al Forno (where Kouzzina used to be).

I’d also choose either Kona or 'Ohana but not both, and given the ages of your kids, I’d go with 'Ohana. (I’m a big fan of meals that keep the kids entertained so that I have time to eat my meal!)

I agree with removing Trex and or Rainforest. I wonder if the experience might also be too intense for DS2. Those “beasts” move pretty darn convincingly!

Have fun and let us know how it all turns out!

I agree with the others- I would skip Rainforest and T-Rex. When my DS was 2 he was scared at T-Rex. I would also choose 'Ohana over Kona and drop Via Napoli. I would definitely do CM, CP, 1900 PF, HV and LTT- those are all winners in my book, especially with small kids.

O’hana would be near the top of the list for good food and a good family atmosphere. If you had to choose one of the breakfasts, then the Crystal Palace pre rope drop would be what first priority, since it you get the added benefit of being in the park ahead of most guests. 1900 Park Fare dinner is also a good show and better than average food. Those would be my priorities.

Trails End is good, though less of a value on the dining plan (because it’s priced less than most other restaurants on property). Still, the food is good and it’s a pleasant getaway to visit Fort Wilderness. Kona is good, though depending on the status of construction at the Polynesian you may or may not want to spend more time there. Via Napoli is a good choice for families.

I’d avoid TREX and Rainforest Cafe. Rainforest Cafe is fine (nothing particularly good and nothing particularly awful, in my experience), but they’re all over the place and I prefer to visit places in Disney World that I can’t see elsewhere. TREX is a different experience, but I found it substandard in many ways. A very long wait to be seated (well over an hour), coupled with slow and mostly inattentive service and mediocre food put everyone in my group (four adults and children ages 5 and 7) in a foul mood. However, what was worse was just how LOUD the place was. I’ve never been bothered by noise at Rainforest Cafe or other places that include a “show”, but TREX was the most obnoxiously loud restaurant that I’ve ever experienced. I could be biased by how many times I had to hear their show while waiting for a table, but I have no desire to return there. If TREX is a must-do for you, then consider the Landry’s restaurant club card. It costs $25, but they send you a certificate for $25 of your first meal using the card. That wouldn’t do you any good when using the Disney dining plan, but you could use it at other Landry’s restaurants near you. At the very least, it’s worth the $25 for priority seating at TREX.

Just a note about VN… If you order pizza they still take a dining credit from each person. The pizza’s are huge and relatively inexpensive when you look at the total cost for feeding your family vs a lot of other restaurants. One thing you might consider is paying OOP for Via Napoli and then using the extra credit to schedule one of your other listed meals or even splurge and do a 2 credit signature meal.

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Personally I would eliminate: T-Rex and Rainforest Café, mostly because getting to and from DTD seems cumbersome. If you are going there to shop pick one of these 2 and shop, don’t head to dtd for 2 days.

I would also recommend 1900 Park Fair being removed. I was just there in October and was not overly impressed a few years ago it was a good meal, not so good recently.

Keep Chef Mickey’s, Crystal Palace pre rope drop, O’hana seems to be a fav, haven’t done it myself. We did Trail’s end, in October, and it was our best meal. Lots of freid chicken mac and cheese and mashed potatoes.

Kona is nice, but similar to O’hana.

I think you would do better to pay OPP for trail’s end and save your credit for Beaches and Cream.