Help me get the hang of personalized TP

Hi There! I’m already addicted to the TP site, so thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

OK, so I am an OVER planner and I have to have things set before a trip. This is my first trip with little ones (6 and 2) so mama has to make sure we travel through the park like a finely-tuned machine to avoid major meltdowns. I mean business, people!

I used the personalized tour and set my own path from attraction to attraction and kept “evaluating” every few steps to make sure the predicted waits still seemed reasonable. My tactic was to go from attraction-to-attraction as we circle each section/land so to avoid a lot of unnecessary walking. So far, we pop around the park in a lovely way and don’t wait for more than maybe 20 mins for any ride.

Now, all of those roses and sunshines being said, it’s only March and our trip isn’t until early October. The predicted crowd levels are very low for now. I know they’re going to go up, especially with Star Wars opening. (I’m a huge SW fan but I really am not happy about it being open 30 days prior to our arrival.)

So my question is, if I pop back into my personalized touring plans over the next few months, will the estimated wait times change in my plans as the crowd levels change? Is the program that adaptive? Or will I need to re-create new plans to get the new wait times? Do I simply need to click the “evaluate” button again to refresh for the new times?

Thanks in advance. Also, if anyone wants to walk my anxiety down a few pegs about SW opening and my trip being ruined, that’s also welcomed. :):grinning:

Just click Evaluate again, and it will re-do the wait times based on the updated data.

Be warned though that the algorithms will not work for the Star Wars rides, because there will simply not be the historical data to base anything on. So if you’re planning to try to do them, I wouldn’t rely on the TP.

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