Help me forum liners, you’re my only hope!

The ADRs we do have are for O’hana (9:50 pm :face_with_spiral_eyes:) and Steakhouse 71 for dinner on our last night. I know we can get the noodles and bread pudding at the lounge next door which we may do if we can’t move up or ADR.

I also just made an ADR for the Biergarten in Epcot. It’s a little early for dinner but I’m hoping I can modify it to a little later.

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Two areas for food I need help with. Epcot/Boardwalk area and Disney Spring/PO area.

At Epcot we will hopefully try many of the festival food. However, we may need to sit down out of the heat and I like suggestions. I’m thinking a QS or TS but not signature dinning. We aren’t foodies and don’t want to pay super expensive prices for fancy food. We also need to avoid bbq (or at least not have it be the only thing on the menu) because something in some bbq sauces gives DH problems. If nothing really comes to mind that’s fine, just thought I’d check the hive mind.

It’s been 27 years since we stayed at POFQ and some things have changed. DS we did visit in 2021. We plan to spend our arrival day check out PO and/or DS. We want to try something new but hopefully still familiar so, Homecomin and Raglan road are out. QS is fine as long as there is a decent place to sit and eat. Any suggestions? Thanks.

At Christmas there was a physical line of people waiting for a walk-up for the bar or lounge area of Space 220. At least one group got a table near us (we’d booked the Lounge).

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Any suggestions??

[quote=“mathhound, post:43, topic:92725”]
I’m thinking a QS or TS but not signature dinning. We aren’t foodies and don’t want to pay super expensive prices for fancy food.

Not sure if this is helpful- but
Our favorite not fancy qs meal was the fish and chips in the UK pavilion. ActUally really good! We ate at a weird time and had a nice table in the shade right next to It. Super easy!

We also stopped at sunshine seasons for a snack, that looked like a lot of different options, lots of seating.

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In Epcot we liked Via Napoli. If you were prepared to leave the park then there’s the Ale and Compass at YC. Les Halles is another option but shady seating isn’t guaranteed.

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When we checked in for the lounge two weeks ago, they were telling people there were no walkups at all. I’m not sure if that’s new or just that day or what though.

Garden Grill is my favorite! Easy to get reservations to. It rotates! There are characters! You can see my husband’s favorite ride, Living with the Land! Also, it’s served family style so you won’t be there for a million years.

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Also we liked the options at River Roost at POR in the evening. Yee Haa Bob Jackson is awesome for cheesy, raucous fun. Best with a drink or two because it’s hard to avoid being drawn in! :laughing:

Thanks! These are what I’m looking for! :grin::grin:

Anyone else have any recommendations? Particularly for Disney Springs??

The Poutine place is really good. If you like poutine, which we do.

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So do we. Which is better Canada pavilion poutine or Disney Springs poutine?

The one at Disney Springs has a larger selection.

ETA, I think they taste better, too. @Randall1028 has an opinion, I’m sure.

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Good he can feel free to share it here! :grin::grin:


I’ve actually never had the Canada pavilion poutine? I wasn’t aware they had any? Where do you get it? Up behind the castle somewhere?

As such, I’ve only ever gotten the Refreshment Port’s version when in epcot.

I think the Daily Poutine in DS is better value though. You get more (you can ask for extra cheese) and the fries are much better. Almost potato-wedge size.

I also found the Refreshment Ports ones to be super dry and/or over cooked.


Refreshment port is considered the Canada poutine I believe. Thanks for the input and tips! :smile:


Update 1: GSC backstory

DH and I met while working in craft services on (Len) Hank Lonely’s first 2 movies. I still need to look those up. We got married and opened a diner in Coronet City on Corellia. Our clothing is sort of Star Wars bounding / SW t-shirts. Even if I don’t do a TR I will post pictures of the clothes here.

Our diner is named Golden Crust and we have a heavy emphasis on bakery, pastries and candy (because those are our passion) though we are a full service diner.


Update 2: ADRs etc.

3/23 arrival day
Have dinner at DS and eat/drink at Jock Lindsey’s wander DS

3/24 Epcot
Enjoy F&G
2:10 ADR at Space 220 Lounge for carrot cake!
Rides etc.

3/25 HS non-SW rides etc.
3/26 AK Oasis & Discovery trails more lumpia’s!!
3/27 HS more non-SW

3/28 Epcot
More F&G
Rides etc
4:20 ADR Biergarten

3/29 rest day/DS
4:15 Boathouse (open table)

3/30 to 4/1 GSC

4/2 MK
12:35 Skipper Canteen

4/3 Epcot finish up may do Extend Hours
9:50 pm O’Hana will be trying to change this for earlier or just go to the lounge

4/4 MK
8:05 Steakhouse 71

4/5 leave
Get Mears bus at 4:30 AM :flushed::scream::scream::scream:

Some days we may only do a half day or split with DS etc.


Love your story!!


Thanks for the help with it!