Help me forum liners, you’re my only hope!

The count down to our GSC/WDW trip has started. I need some help with planning certain parts. Instead of making a big list of questions, I’m stealing the idea from someone, I don’t remember who, to only ask about one or two things at a time. It seemed to work really well. These will be posted in the replies.

Brief context for now: 3/23 to 4/5 staying at POFG, Galactic Starcruiser, and CR. Tickets are not hoppers. We both use ECVs to get around the parks and I have DAS.


Not sure how many of your questions I can answer, but I’m excited for you to experience the Starcruiser!


First topic: room reservations. We usually have an accessible room because it helps for me to be able to sit while showering. So usually that limits where we will be and so we have never used a room request. We wanted a River view at POFQ since that is what we had on our honeymoon almost 27 years ago. So we don’t have an accessible room which will be fine.

When do we need to make a room request? River view limits some things but there are definite buildings we would prefer to be in, 5 and 2. Also, I generally don’t like to be on a ground floor so prefer floors 2 or 3. Can we just ask for those things or do we need to be more specific? Can we mention a room we do not want? Thanks.


I have some that I know you will be helpful with! :grin:


Room requests are sent out 30 days before arrival, or the morning after you enter them if within 30 days. You probably want it sent at least a week before arrival.

It’s recommended to find specific rooms you want and leave the wording the way the room finder puts it since that is “reservation speak.” But then in the comments, I usually add very specific priorities in order. Be brief but specific and be careful not to be contradictory or confusing.

I would mention characteristics you want rather than don’t want. You don’t want them to mistakenly see a room number or description and think that’s what you want rather than what you don’t want.


I’ve put “not a ground floor” room on my requests every time and not gotten a ground floor. I’ve also had good success with going to the front desk and asking for a different room if the first one I’m assigned doesn’t meet my needs, but I try to keep my requests as broad as possible. Like “a non-connecting room on the 2nd or 3rd floor in buildings 5, 6, or 7” kinda thing. I also almost always list my priorities in order, so they know if they can’t meet everything what they should focus on


Definitely prioritise your requests. Is the building number more important than a higher floor.

As for wording, I removed all the reservation speak for our OKW room because all I cared about was building # 30+ I also added a note saying a view of some water would be an added bonus. I got exactly what I wanted.

But if the rooms you want are all in 2 buildings then I would perhaps leave it in as an example.


TP finder wording says “north facing room, room # 381”

I might insert something like
“My main request is an upper floor, ideally in the XYZ area. For example “ and leave the TP wording in place.

And I would get it done now. With assignments done centrally I suspect they start at 2-3 weeks out.


I echo the prioritization. For my trip, I literally listed it - priority #1 was to have adjoining rooms with xxx and if that can’t be to get in the same building. priority #2 was to be close to the main building, etc. I also made sure to say thank you for making our trip magical. In your case, it might be worth mentioning that you booked river view because you stayed POFQ river view on your honeymoon years ago, and this is a dream trip.

We didn’t get the exact room we requested but we were pretty darn close! I think you are just about 30 days out so I would get that in asap.


Thanks everyone for the info and tips! I will get on it today, once I’m more awake!


One other thing: If you have a non-accessible room but need shower seating, Disney resorts will deliver a shower seat to your room. We have done this on multiple occasions for my son in the past.


Thanks. That was a future question. I was hoping that was the case. Thanks!!


Next topic: back story for GSC sailing. We are going on the cruise with Len as Hank Lonely. We are not cosplayers and are not going to be as detailed as Len is/was. We follow the keep it simple philosophy. This is what we have so far.

We met while working craft services for the first 2 Hank Lonely films (I will need to look up the names lol). We are also fans of the movies. We now run some type of food related business on some planet.

We need to decide what type of food related business we have?
Where is it located? It should have humans living on it, we don’t want to knowingly stray from canon.
Bonus, where were we each born and raised?
@Jeff_AZ I’m hoping your vast knowledge can help us out here.


I can imagine you and your DH running a diner similar to Dex’s diner on Coruscant. Coruscant is very big and there is room for plenty of diners, but if you want to be more unique than Dex, maybe you want your diner to be on another core world like Corellia or Chandrilla (which is where the Halcyon is supposedly from, if I’m not mistaken).

Your diner could be just like a mom and pop style diner in the Route 66 era or maybe something like Mel’s from American Grafitti, or the coffee shop from Seinfeld. Star Wars has that type of stuff. :sweat_smile:

They call coffee “caf” and you could serve other beverages like moof juice or Jawa juice.

Here’s the Wookieepedia page on food if you want to look into more:


Thanks! This is exactly the sort of thing we need.

Anyone else with suggestions is also encouraged to make them. Jeff is just the most vocal Star Wars super fan but certainly not the only one.


Another POFQ question. I mostly need confirmation on the following. I’m fairly certain that there is only one bus stop at FQ. Is the FQ bus stop the first on the route? I know Riverside has several stops and I want to know if FQ’s stop is before those. Thanks.

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Yes, POFQ has only one bus stop. It is located just to the left of the main entrance (as you face it upon arrival). There are two sheltered stops, depending on what your destination is. During the busy times of the day, POFQ has dedicated buses. It may share buses with POR during the slower, midday times.

I think POFQ is before POR, during those shared times, but I could be wrong. I need to look for info.




Here’s a photo from Google Maps. The bus stops are circled in yellow. The red circles are around the river view sections of buildings 2 and 5.


You are SO awesome!!! Thanks!


I like maps.

Before the value resorts changed beds from doubles to queens, POFQ was our go-to resort for just us two adults. We’d try to stay in building 4, which is closest to the bus stops.