Help Me Fix TP for MK. Pretty Please

Would someone please look at my MK TP and see where I need to fix it, or make cuts? Here is some background info:

-Traveling to MK for first time with DDs, ages 6.5 & 9.
-DDs LOOOVE princesses!!!
-Short trip. Only one day in MK planned.(And one in AK)
-Planning on making RD for EMH 7-8am in MK.
-Have existing FP+ for:

  • Splash 12-1pm
    -7DMT 4:30-5:30pm
    -A&E 7:10-8:10pm
    -Like AM part of TP; willing to dump Splash for another FP+
    -Have too much on our TP if we take PM break back at POP and return for late afternoon evening and stay til 11pm.

What should I (or what would you) cut to make our TP work? Are there any meet and greets in AK that may save us from trying to see them in MK?

Here is the link:

Thank you so much for your help!!! =)

Hi Darcy,

  1. drop the splash fpp since you’re not using it and try to get one for buzz or ETWB.
  2. you have mad tea party b/w CTM and wishes. I think I would drop mad tea party and just stay in your spot from CTM to see wishes.
  3. since you are already seeing the FOF parade mid day, I will suggest perhaps skipping the MSEP. I know that may sound crazy to some people. but you are only there for 1 day. If you drop the MSEP at 10:30, that allows you to go back to fantasyland after wishes and hit all the stuff you missed earlier in the day, dumbo, pooh, characters in the circus area, etc. trying to go from CTM to wishes to ariel then back to MSEP, then back to fantasyland just seems too rushy.
    Or skip CTM ( you have to be in front of the castle to see this) and watch wishes from Fantasyland and then go over to main st or frontierland after 10 to get a spot for the parade. I hope that makes sense, good luck!

oh, one more thing is that if you get a fpp for buzz, it will get you out for your break earlier. you may want to try to do longer than a 2 hour break since if you are using Disney transportation, and you have to wait around for a bus, it can take much longer than anticipated to get to and from MK to the hotel.

I think I would drop Splash for Buzz. And then try to get a 4th FPP for Belle at a kiosk in the park. Might work. Might not. So it’s risky.

Hi I agree with @mjsmomma, get a FP for Buzz which will give you an extra 20 minutes for your break. Also agree that 2 hours is not a long enough break from MK unless you are staying at a monorail resort. You will spend most of that 2 hours in transport. 3-4 hours is probably necessary to make a break from MK worthwhile. You will need to cut more from your TP, or reconsider the break. If it were me, I would skip Cinderella first thing in the morning since you are meeting her at CRT for a hefty price. Between 7-8 hit as many things in FL as you can, starting with PP. At 8 the left side of the park opens, hit BTMR, Splash, Jungle cruise, carpets. I also would not do both parades in 1 day. I think you need more time than you have planned for the parades. It will be mobbed and for your girls to see, you will need a good 30-45 minutes to secure a good spot. I’d skip the MSEP and watch the FOF parade. We will be there this same evening after a full day at Sea world, mainly because we cannot do everything on Sunday, our full MK day. We have FPP’s for 7DMT, BTMR, and the MSEP, which is at 10:15pm by the way, you will miss it arriving late, Same with Wishes at 9, it is too late on your TP. You need to move those and re-evaluate. Our FPP for MSEP starts at 9:45. MK is really a 2 day park, even in the slower times. Any way to add a 1/2 day there before or after? If not, I would consider getting a park hopper and spend1/2 of Thursday at MK. AK has much less attractions, you can go from 8am-3 and do most everything without FPP, then head to MK with FPP scheduled there.

The first thing that jumped out was the 41 wait for Enchanted Tales with Belle. That’s definitely and attraction worth visiting, but why not use your third FastPass+ for that? Maybe after you see the parade, right before you “Rest at POP”. You could see the Tomorrowland attractions (Laugh Floor and Buzz Lightyear) later in the day with waits that won’t be any worse than what’s on your plan now.

Your 20 minute dinner break seems very short, though you’ll save some time using FPP for Belle, so hopefully you can find more time for food.

After meeting Anna & Elsa, look for another FPP (there’s a kiosk near Phiharmagic). You should find Buzz Lightyear, Dumbo, and maybe Under the Sea or Pooh available. That will shave a couple minutes off your wait times.

I second that your break is too short to go back to POP. Some people leave MK and go relax at Poly or another resort. You can’t swim but the kids could use the playgrounds.

I also think that CRT makes meeting the princesses in fairy tale hall redundant.

Fellow liners, do you not think she can score a 4th FPP at the park?

Here is an updated one:

Extended rest, and took out electric parade. Add FPP for Enchanted Tales (TP put it right before 7MDT). Also added a bit of time to evening “rest” and took out Celebrate the Magic since we probably would not make it to right in front of the castle in time.

Is it any better? Do you see any “scary places”? This is my first time using TPs for our trip, and it’s our first time going.

I appreciate the advice so much. Cannot imagine not using these TPs, or waiting until last minute to try and get it “just right.” =)

One concern I see is a long wait for Silly Pete (step 15) And maybe Mickey’s Philharmagic right before Wishes.

It’s definitely looking better! The Silly Pete does seem way too long, plus you have 30 minutes of free time between ETWB and 7DMT, and 54 minutes after Silly Pete that you can do other attractions. Are you skipping Space, Haunted Mansion, POTC, and the Speedway?

So actually, it looks like you will be able to leave MK around 12:45 (latest 1:00) that’s good, especially if you come back later to Belle-- I would say, continue rest and get back for Belle around 4:15, which then puts you at Dwarfs around 5:00.

15 does seem long, wait wise and afterwards, what about Philharmagic before 15? then 15? which would also allow more time for eating (maybe)

all are just thoughts. It looks like you will have a great time-- I like that your break is longer-- probably going to need that with the little ones.

Good Luck, have fun.

OK. Copied the plan, deleted Astro Orbiter, and moved Splash til end of day, so we don’t stay wet all day. How’s it looking now:

And PS to @Wahoohokie : DH and I may consider Space Mountain as single rider. Not sure where to put it, but have heard our kiddos may be scared, and DD#2 is too short. Also, heard Haunted Mansion is scary. Is this true? If not, may consider the addition. I have one been once…in 1978!!!

maybe hoping we can get a FP+ for Silly Pete after A&E to save a few min. (After A&E expires, of course. THough that may not work anyway.)

And I forgot…I know someone suggested maybe doing another 1/2 day with a park hopper. We are already cutting it close, budget wise. I looked at doing so in early Jan, and it just financially doesn’t work. But that’s OK. I know now how to budget, plan, and buy tix and resort rooms better, so next time will be more awesome. =)

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OOooooo…Still do see a bit of a gap between steps 13 and 14…What can I add there that may work, even if DH and I do rider switch, or single rider?

DO NOT do Haunted Mansion with your littles. Even when ds was 8-- he hated it and was scared. It is dark, creepy, bride chopping off head, skeletons, etc. It did not go well with my cousin’s children 6 and under either. So, for this trip, I would stay away. jmho

Thx, @42_Wallaby_Way! That’s what I read before, I think. Any ideas what I could put between steps 13-14?

[quote=“DarcySteele, post:12, topic:10042”]
DH and I may consider Space Mountain as single rider.[/quote]

There’s no single rider line for Space Mountain 8-(

Some groups I’ve traveled with have split up, with a couple people going to Space Mountain while others did something the non-riders enjoyed (the tea cups, carousel, a character meet, etc). I’m not sure if that would work for your group, but that can squeeze more things into a busy day.

Still thinking that you return later from your POP break to hit Belle. Go for Belle closer to 4:20, then afterwards it will be time for Dwarfs. After Dwarfs, you could do under the sea and/or barnstormer, it’s nearby. Then A&E, then could take your dinner break. Then pick up other things.

This is all just personal preference, like I said, it looks good. I just think you would want to make that POP break longer, thus the reason for returning closer to end of Belle fpp and then being able to go straight to Dwarfs following. And if the troops are dragging after FoF, you go to POP then, and still catch philharmonic later in evening with no problem.

You will have a great time!

Agree with @42_Wallaby_Way, don’t use your ETWB until close to 4:30 for a longer break. It’s really hard to imagine pre-trip how long transport takes between MK and the resorts, even with a rental car. I don’t think I would do Buzz first either. Peter Pan should be first, lines build tremendously for it within the first 10 minutes, both at MK and Disneyland. Haunted Mansion is great for some kids, and scary for others. My kids have enjoyed it from the age of 7, but wouldn’t ride at 5. As for Space, my kids have been riding it (and loving it) since age 5. Both your kids would probably enjoy it. It’s number 1 on our TP for Easter :smile:.

I’m pretty sure you can do child swap for space, if you want to do that, so one of you could ride and the other do something else with the kids, then switch. I’m just not sure you have enough time for it in your plan. Maybe after jungle cruise?