Help me find this on the TP website

I was “just” at a screen, somewhere in the crowd calendar area, that showed different colored boxes- green through red- to indicate how busy the parks are by hour from open to close. And now i cannot find it anywhere! And I’ve spent so much time clicking around at this point, that the back button won’t help me at all. Help? Please?

I think I know what you mean

From your dashboard go to the three lines on the top, Crowd Calendar drop down, select crowd calendar and then open up the month you are looking for

Is that it?


If it is, I go from the app, crowd calendar (bottom) and after 10 days it links you…pick your month

is this instructions from the app or from the website? i still can’t find it on the website. Anywhere I click, i keep getting the daily crowd calendar.

I can only get it from my phone.


thanks! i got it on the website. though, annoyingly, when i emailed myself the link to view it on my desktop, it didn’t show me the same view. But that’s fine. I can use my phone.

i did get it on the desktop at some point though! i promise. :laughing:

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