Help me evaluate my MK day


so panic mode hit when doing fast passes this morning...

Only time for 7DMT was grabbed it but then got stuck...there goes my plan to grab more fastpasses for later after 3rd FP plan....

I was already struggling because TP consistently recommends PP which we have no interest in [one and done] ...

so I thought I'll FP space and something over that area and do BGRR and SPLASH first and wander back that way...

I grabbed Space and Buzz 950 and 1055....but then thought...that's not enough time...and those were all booked up so couldn't change...


So here's my plan...
there's a big gap between noon and 555 where we can check lines app to see what rides we can do...have lunch go back to resort...etc... there are things I didn't put on the list like the sorcerer and the pirate interactive or characters etc...that we can play by ear..

NOTE how close they have me to missing the FP times...makes me nervous...


Plenty of time to keep checking for:
New Fastpass times, OR
A PPO Bog breakfast would probably fit your plans very well.
I'd also try to sched Splash closer to break time. There's a chance you'll be walking around with wet clothes or shoes. Wet shoes - not good for WDW walking. Or, you might wanna wear sandals to start the day, and then after splash, switch into other shoes.


thanks for the info...

PPO breakfasts for 5 adults [teens] is $$$ for us...and I checked for times for party of 5 3 or 2

but still don't want to spend that $$ anyway.

Earliest arrival time is 830 might be closer to 9....


Keep checking, folks are modifying FP all the time, you might get lucky.

Assuming you set up a reservation finder, and actually score a ppo bog rez...any chance you could get your party on board with splitting a few breakfasts, and a drink or two (you do NOT have to order a 24.00 breakfast for everyone, you really only have to order one thing, and that thing could even be a cup of coffee or a straw - really!)

I'm a firm believer that Walt knows how valuable those 24.00 breakfast plates are - they allow you to get two or three rides in before the rd crowd can saturate. You can rock 7d and one or two other things and save fp. Might be worth the $, might not be, that's how I look at it.


does anyone think my touring plan will work or are there recommended tweeks? thanks.


You're less likely to find a better 7DM FPP time, so assume that is set in stone and try to change the others


Are you not doing Jungle Cruise?


do i need to change the others? for later in the day? they are booked up now of course but i can keep checking...


jungle cruise falls into the if we have time...

i only put what we 'have to' do on the touring plan...and then think maybe as time allows...


Do you get to go on the rides before rope drop times or is the benefit that you are actually in line at RD while others are being held on main street? i.e. on a 9am RD do they start loading 7DMT at 8:50


I'm not sure with the new opening show if it's as lucrative a deal as before, but from what I've read, it's not really all that different. I also think it depends on the cm's or seems to depend on the cm's. So, when I was there in Nov (before the new opening show,) we were done with 7d, and done with Space Mt before we saw any real RD ppl coming. We could have walked onto Space Mt again if we wanted to. I'd assume we were definitely let onto rides before 9am. With the new show, you'll still get first crack at 7d or other rides if you'd like it, but the rd crowd is actually allowed further up Main st, so they are a few min closer.


Your plan is OK, but it doesn't have that much in it, is this your only day in MK? I would be inclined to do Space, Astro, Buzz, Railroad, HH and then FPP Splash & Pirates. If you arrive at 8am an hour before opening you will have finished Buzz by 9:30am, Railroad by 10am, HH by 10:30am. I like to hit the quick rides first thing and use my FPP on the longer ones a bit later in the day.


Thanks for the reply...We were there this February on super bowl Sunday at RD. It was an non EMH day and we did not have a morning breakfast reservation. We followed our TP plan over to Splash and Thunder mtn and waited for RD at the entrance to Adventure land. From there the CMs walked everyone into the land preventing anyone from running past them. We cut over to Frontier land through a corridor and was met by another line of CMs that made us all wait a moment. After a few moments they walked us up to Splash and Big thunder splitting the groups in two. The CMs escorted us to the entrance of BTMR and we were the second family to enter the queue. There were not any other people in these two lands prior to RD. Perhaps it is different over at Fantasy or Tomorrow land. So not so sure how an ADR for breakfast figures with the new opening procedure. Sounds like it was a great deal previously if you got to ride 7D and SM before you saw the RD crowd.


Tate. I don't think you looked at my plan?