Help me decide

I got a quote back from DVC Rental and I can stay at BWV (garden/pool view), BLT (Lake View), or Poly (standard view) for about the same price (within $200 or so each).

I was originally wanting to stay at BWV in a standard view which would have been cheaper, but given the choice of those three, I am not sure which way to go. Poly is in the middle price wise, and where I think I am leaning at the moment, but I don’t really know much about it.

This is a trip with just my wife and me right after labor day (leaving DD at home - thank you grandparents)

Thanks so much for your help, this will be our first Disney trip for just the two of us (and only my second ever)

What are your park plans? Will you be going to Food and Wine at Epcot and HS? (BWV) Do you like a lot of activity and people around? (Poly) Will you want to walk to MK? (BLT)


And when is Labour Day? That will affect availability.

It is September 7th.

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So apologies, I’m going to derail this thread. :flushed:

Which of your holidays are fixed, like Christmas, and which are what we call floating, like Thanksgiving. And when are they all?

I kinda know roughly when MLK Day and President’s Day are - but not sure if fixed or floating. And what others are there? Veteran’s Day, Mother’s Day (ours is different) …

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Veteran’s Day, 4th of July and Christmas as fixed. Most others are “Monday holidays” or in the case of Thanksgiving (4th Thursday in November). Labor Day is the 1st Monday in September. In 2020 it is the latest possible date (7th).Memorial Day is the last Monday in May. MLK is the 3rd Monday in January, President’s Day is the 3rd Monday in February. Mother’s Day (2nd Sunday in May) and Father’s Day is 3rd Sunday in June. What did I miss? In Massachusetts, we celebrate Patriot’s Day (Boston Marathon). Patriot’s Day is the start of our spring break and it marks the history of the battle of Lexington and Concord.


We haven’t stayed at BLT have stayed at the Poly twice and just finished up our first stay at BWV (garden view). Both are incredible resorts but have different vibes. DH and I LOVED BWV this week. So close to Epcot (his fave) and a short walk to HS (less than 15 min for us but we’re pretty fast walkers). It has great access to tons of great resorts and dining options. We rode the Skyliner and could’ve walked through Epcot to take the monorail to MK if we had wanted to. I love the Poly also. Both are great options. Y’all will have fun at either!


So when’s Veteran’s Day? And how is that different to Memorial Day?

We have Remembrance Sunday (or just Day) which is the nearest Sunday to the 11th Nov (Armistice Day). So on Armistice Day there is a two minute silence at 11am. And Remembrance Day is the actual National Service of Remembrance and wreath laying at the Cenotaph in Whitehall, which is televised, and around the country in virtually every village and town.

But we don’t have a separate Veteran’s Day.

Veteran’s Day is always November 11th. We honor all of our veteran’s. Memorial Day we remember those that lost their lives in service (I hope I am capturing the spirit here).

Funny, if you look up Patriot’s Day you will find reference to September 11th. That is different than the Massachusetts Patriot’s Day.


Wow, thanks for all the quick feedback. We just decided to take the trip, so I haven’t made park plans yet. We will probably hit all of them once, trying to decide which to double up on, I am a big Star Wars fan, so I am thinking maybe two days at DHS, and then maybe a second day at Epcot or MK. Definitely going to have to have one early morning at DHS to get a BG for RotR, but other than that no big must dos yet. Not planning to do food and wine, but I don’t know that we would avoid it either. I liked WS when we went before and would like to spend more time there but it sounds like the rest of Epcot is kind of torn up at the moment, so not sure how that factors in to my plans yet. How bad are the buses from Poly? Seems like it would be quick on the monorail to get to MK or Epcot, but longer to get to AK and DHS.

If they’re still doing BG for ROTR then and given it’s an adult only trip, I’d recommend BWV. We just got back from there and just loved the ability to walk easily to Epcot and DHS. On our ROTR day it was definitely less stress knowing we be at security 15 min after we left our room with no risk of transport delays. The boardwalk street performers were a fun surprise at night too. It sounds like you’ll spend at least half your time at Epcot and DHS so BWV will minimize your transport time and waiting.

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Poly-hands down my favorite. It feels like such a vacation there and you can’t beat being on the monorail.

Agree very much with @stompin_pt. BW location is my favoritr. Especially if you do two HS days and one or two Epcot, BW would be my pick hands down. From there, the bus to MK is efficient and even returning at night was easy, short queue compared to many others. As for AK, the bus or uber is good, ride shares drop you right at gates.

I too am going to agree with @stompin_pt. For your plans, BWI seems the best choice.

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Thanks everyone, looks like BW is the leader in the clubhouse, we’ll see what DW think now :grinning: