Help me decide!

Hey folks! I’m looking for dinner advice. On our last night at Disney, we are trying to decide whether to eat at Be Our Guest, Kona Cafe, or 'Ohana. We are staying at the Poly and plan to be in MK for the day. Previously we have eaten dinner at BOG and twice at 'Ohana. Trying to decide whether we want to branch out and try Kona or if we should go back to BOG or 'Ohana. Thoughts?

I’m always for trying something new. I think BOG is ok - not great. Haven’t been to 'Ohana or Kona Cafe in a long time - so don’t know what it is like.

So not sure everything else - however on vacations we have had - we have done a pure “desert” dinner. Now normally we eat properly - but these are sometimes fun to do. So perhaps you do a “monorail train / treat” and just go from hotel to hotel and do deserts - or perhaps do appetisers etc. at the various bar / lounges.

Thank you so much for your response @Tigger613! I tend to agree with you about BOG. I think my favorite part of our dinner was the ambiance and the cupcakes. We are doing a breakfast there this trip so I am heavily leaning toward not doing another dinner there. Right now Kona is in the lead because it would be a new experience and is in our hotel. Anything that cuts down on travel time I’m all about! I really appreciate your feedback!

I think what I am struggling with is that I always think of breakfast for Kona .

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I’m going to vote for Kona. We had an excellent lunch there in June.
By the last day of a trip, I don’t want to eat a massive gorge fest like 'Ohana. I save that for the beginning of the trip!

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Agreed. I always think of Kona and immediately think Tonga Toast.

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Ohana seems like an ideal way to cap off a trip that involves a stay at Poly. Kona may be good but less of a celebratory environment IMO


Have you done Whispering Canyon at WL. It is a fun atmosphere. My son and I shared the skillet and the ribs were delish. He was happy and got more of the corn on the cob. It is a boat ride away from MK. Trails End at FW also has about the same food as HDDR and is also a short boat ride from MK.

If you’re up for something different I can highly recommend Skipper Canteen! Really really excellent food and ambiance (think Indiana Jones) it’s in MK Adventure land. As a reference: Not a fan of BOG… went once, and that was enough.