Help Me Decide: What to Do with a Bonus Day?

It is my downfall.

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This point is VERY well taken. We have not been in almost 4 years so I am trending toward overdoing everything :joy:


after chatting with the kids – they are not really feeling the Universal add-on. Its my husband and I who are dying to see the Harry Potter things. So now he and I are scheming an adult-only Universal trip!

The extra Disney day is looking like a more viable plan for the fam, along the wise advice of @janamelia “less is more”


Can yall talk to me about convention tickets? Why am I afraid to pull the trigger? I have read everything I can on the forum about it and seems like it’s never NOT worked. I think we all have so much pent up energy about this trip I worry that somehow convention tix will mess us up. I have also been trying to catch up on the January 9 changes and potential for Genie + changes for dated tickets or something like that? Would that have any impact on convention tickets? I apologize if my question is confusing, I am admittedly still trying to understand Genie+, rapid stacking, and if I should even be trying to understand it all for a May trip if it may all change before then.


I used convention tickets last year and had no trouble with them at all. I linked them in MDE with no problems at all.


Convention tickets are a great deal and I’ve never heard of anyone having issue with them. Just make sure you remember what conference you used the link for on the very off chance you have to call them for some reason (like if you want to add a day or something).

As for G+, I would read the threads to get an idea of how it works so that you at least have a base knowledge to work off of whenever they do whatever they do.


I was going to vote for option 1 or 3. Having at least half a day to play at SAB at Beach Club would be a lot of fun. We did a premiere UOR hotel for 2 nights/2days before our last Disney trip and got the Express Passes included for our family of 5 - it is a really great deal with a full hotel room like that. BUT an adults only trip to UOR would also be really fun if you want to save it!

Like someone else said, with your kids’ ages, they may be too old to really enjoy Legoland. We went when my oldest was 10 and he mostly enjoyed it, but it is geared toward the younger kids - single digits for sure. My 8 and 5 (at the time) year olds enjoyed it more than he did.


Thank you for this. It definitely seems like Lego is off the table.

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Great thoughts. Thank you!!

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I’m assuming they are e tickets? Or do they mail you hard copies?

We got both when we did them. No issues for us - and got the confirmation right away. We had a great time at the urology conference :joy:

I think the only catch right now is that convention tickets might still need APRs after January 9th but regular tickets won’t…(I think, but check the convention tix thread to be sure)


Yes, e-ticket comes very quickly and mailed tickets (cards) in a week or so.

Yes, they do. (Since they are not date based). I have made APR’s for my late January trip. The use date on the ticket will say: 1/1/2024 (purchase date) to some date in 2025 probably.


Convention tickets for the savings and the water park day. Universal for a separate trip.


Thanks everyone! Wanted to share our final decision.

Took advantage of room only discount and booked Beach Club today!

May 12 is DS-10 bday so we are now planning an epic three-park day on Sunday. Saturday will be enjoy BC resort/pool, Beaches&Cream, Boardwalk area and rest up early for epic rope drop to close day on Sunday! Current plan is:

Drop stuff at bell services
Rope drop DHS
Lunch in Epcot (Teppen Edo -bday boy request)
Maybe grab 1 pm guardians
Check into Poly
Dinner TBD hopefully Ohana
Close down MK

Hopefully we will all have the stamina for this!! It’s totally a bonus day so we are revisiting all the parks later in our stay.

I truly appreciate all your help! :heart::heart::heart: