Help me decide what plans to make for illuminations. Please!

I’ve been going back and forth for weeks now and actually made 2 ADR already. I can’t decide between watching illuminations OUTSIDE from a spot around the water or INSIDE la hacienda de san angel. If we do outside viewing I made a reservation at Yachtsman Steakhouses for 530. I figur we walk there/back on our Epcot day. If we so La Hacienda we try to get a window with our 650pm reservation. There are 4 of us 2 kids 6,8 and 2 adults. My husband is disabled and will be in an ECV so don’t know if that makes a difference? Thanks for any help

When are you going? This can make a difference.

OUTSIDE with Yachtsman for dinner. Not even a close call.

Sorry, I forgot to say we r going in end of November early December

Outside. It’s so easy to get a good spot, and inside a restaurant there’s no guarantee you’ll get a view. You may well be able to pick it up as a FP too.

So if I do yachtsman for dinner , is 530 ok for reservations??

Should be fine. Even if you spend 2 hours at dinner and allow for 30 min to get back to WS (both conservative numbers) you’ll have 60 min before Illuminations starts.