Help me decide what are must-do items for a Disney skeptic

So, I (along with @Keith718) convinced my lovely fiancé to come with us on a super short weekend trip in [EDIT: DECEMBER, as in next month!] Keith’ll be there for 4 days but we will essentially only be there for Saturday and Sunday. I’m thinking AK morning, Epcot evening, and MK/HS the other day. We’ll skip Enchantment (snooze) and see Harmonious. But since he’s begrudgingly agreeing to go, I have to show him the funnest two days at Disney ever so he gets why we go so often :sweat_smile:

What should we make sure to show him? How have you turned Disney skeptics into… well, if not an immediate fan, at least less skeptical?

(Also how the heck do I even begin to tackle learning how to use lightning lane ugh I miss fastpass)


What does he love most to do normally on a vacation? I’d find the aspects of WDW that will speak most to him.

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Will he adapt well to the go, go, go of two parks in one day? My skeptical husband didn’t particularly like that part. You might not have to show him anything in particular. My skeptic was enamored with the hotel, boat rides and sit down meals. The parks were a bonus. The only ride he specifically asked for was the Railroad. And 7DMT impressed him as well. (Got to ride twice in a row.)

He loved Jiko, Tiffins, Boathouse, 50’s and HDDR. He liked walking around DS. HS was his favorite park because he liked the old Hollywood theme. This was before TSL and SWGE, so he would be super impressed these days. He understands why I love it and encourages me to go solo. He knows it’s special, but not longing to return. He’d probably jump at it if we had a couple of resort days, but the hustle/bustle isn’t his thing. For reference- we were there five nights. First full day we had PPO at BOG. Arrived at MK at 7:00, so had to be up at 5:00. His words “We have to wake up at 5AM on vacation?”


I tend to agree with the others. I’m not sure trying to fit in all the “best rides” (for example) would be a way to convert him from skeptic to fan. In fact, it could backfire. If he goes thinking Disney is “about the rides”, he may come away disappointed if he’s familiar with traditional amusement park rides. Even the best coaster at Disney can’t hold a candle to even some of the milder coasters at an amusement park, for example.

So, really, it is what makes Disney DIFFERENT. I think @TheSafetyLady is spot-on about focusing more on overall experience than rides.

(Now, I recognize you didn’t specifically say “rides”, but asked for “must-do items”, so just consider this an admonition about focusing too heavily on rides IF that was in your mind.)

I also do wonder if trying to fit in 4 parks in two days is a problem as well.

If this guy really is going to be your husband (and, I guess this trip will be the final determiner if “things will work out”? :wink: ), then what you really should do is show him why YOU LOVE Disney, rather than an attempt to turn him into a Disney fan outright. In the end, he might not agree, but he should enjoy seeing you being happy there, which will likely be infectious. Who doesn’t like watching their significant other happy?

ETA: So…my final thought (uh, for now) is to pick YOUR two favorite parks, and then try to hit the highlights that you enjoy most, including rides, shows, food, and even down time.


For my DH it was also the needing to be on the go, up early, running to the next FP that he did not like. The first time we went, I had our itineraries that tried to do it all. After that I relaxed and he enjoyed it more. He really liked the parties (MNSSHP and MVMCP) maybe in part because we had no schedule.

So my advice is to not push it and just relax and have fun. Which you already seem to be very good at doing on your trips!

I would get G+ to see if it helped save you from lines but not put focus on it. Especially if it starts pushing you to make big jaunts across the park to get to a LL time.

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Great advice!
Yes good food and the fabulous resorts are special to Disney. So down time at the resort for sure!

My suggestion is less theme park, more resort. I know you have your favorite bar/lounge, but my husband really enjoyed Abracadabar in the Boardwalk area and Trader Sam’s at the Poly. Some time by the pool also helped, though you don’t have time for that. I think anything that shows him a bit of the non-kid parts of Disney might help him enjoy the range of what WDW has to offer.

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I think it totally depends on the person you are trying to “convert”. For my DH, there was no way he was going to sit at a pool or at the resort all day, or even part of a day. The best thing for him would be the go-go-go at all the parks doing all the rides. A friend of mine is exactly the opposite, but he loves golfing, so I would include some tee-time at Saratoga for him. You know him best – what pace and activities would he be most responsive to?


My wife was a BIG skeptic. Thought it was only rides and rollercoasters.
Since I know she is NOT a fan of thrill rides, and a much bigger fan of performing arts, I made sure to mix in all of the slower rides and shows, and not have her get on any spooky elevators or coasters where a Yeti may have tampered with the tracks.

Converted. She loves it.

You know your fiance far more than we do.

You’re a year out, so, much will prolly change. I guess I’d suggest not running from headliner to headliner, and making sure to chill with a few of the great shows, like Indy, Frozen, and Lion King, and making a POINT to catch street entertainers, but that’s just my opinion that the street performers are woefully underrated.

And then, if he’s into Star Wars, you’re pretty much covered.


Totally depends on what they enjoy. My DH only comes maybe once a year because he’s not a huge fan. For him, finding great dining experiences are big. We’ve also tried some of the non-traditional Disney activities and he’s really enjoyed them - DH and DS love fishing so we’ve done the fishing excursions from Riverside and Yacht Club and those were big hits. I try to stay at an Epcot hotel so we can wander around the Boardwalk at nights. He tried out the Skyliner last trip and enjoyed the experience so much he wanted to ride it again another day. But it really all depends on what your skeptic likes! Luckily, there is so much to do for very different interests.


My DW isn’t a convert, but definitely doesn’t mind going (if she doesn’t have to be in the park all day) So, I totally get it…

I do agree with everyone else about doing it all and going too hard, but here’s what I think it’s what you are looking for…

AK (morning) - KS, EE, FOP with casual exploring and maybe a show

EP (evening) - WS exclusively w/ an optional ride of either FEA or Remy (However, Epcot will be celebrating it’s 40th Anniversary next October, so there may be a lot more to do/see - especially if GotG:CR is open as predicted)

MK (anytime) - HM, Splash, Pirates and as much of Fantasyland that looks appealing. (My DW won’t do teacups and I don’t do IASW)

DHS (anytime) - SW:GE and RotR, SDD and ToT (if drop rides are ok)

IMHO - these are the rides that showcase what the best of what the Imagineers can do.

Don’t even sweat it… what LL is today will not be what it is six months from now. Disney has stated publicly that this is a “work in progress” that will change as they gather data.

I truly feel bad for the ppl WDW is suckering into paying to be live beta testers right now…

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Oh. I should have specified that we’re going next month, not a year from now :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

This is definitely a top priority!

Erm, only a month out. But we’re pros at planning by now—it’s just LL+ I have to figure out.

Oh this is 1000% on the must-do list!! Probably we won’t have time for all of them, but definitely I would like to hit 1 or 2 of them… he does enjoy a good cocktail.

Mine has said this too. :flushed::joy:

Mmm probably going to museums and eating good food! Which—we can find fun stuff for him to look at and good food to feed him.

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Ooh one more question—it looks like the only place really to buy park tickets is from Disney direct (at least, the TP site is telling me those are the cheapest). Am I missing anything on that?

Your original post says October, I think that is what led to the confusion. :wink:


I usually buy from Undercover Tourist, so check their prices first. They are generally cheaper (make sure to check tax on the Disney bought tickets).

I would also show all of your favorite things,… where are you staying? I probably would not wait in any long lines, might be worth the up charge that weekend!

Me, too…and if you use the link through the MouseSavers newsletter, you can save a few extra bucks on top of their normally discounted prices.

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OMG I don’t even know what month is it, much less what YEAR. JFC, Hannah… When are we? What are we doing? Oy.


But didn’t you say October? Which is now in the past? Am I making that detail up?


Literal :laughing: here

(You’re an editor, yes??)