Help me decide. Value (2 rooms) or 1 moderate for family

Help me pick my resort. I have a family of 5 and can’t decide. We can book 2 value rooms to give us some space of our own. Or stay at a Moderate and share a room. We have stayed at POR twice. And I am afraid I would be disappointed with the value. But would love some space to ourselves in the value. But kids love water slides.

You really summed up the decision point - space vs. ammenities. I typically stay deluxe, but stayed at POP last trip and was surprised how much I really liked it; AKL it is NOT, but for someplace to sleep and shower (which is about all I do at the resort) it was great. But that’s traveling as a solo adult. I don’t know the make-up of your family, but if some are teens, I would think the extra room might be beneficial to give them some of their “own” space, but really depends on your family and how you would plit things up. Granted, no water slides, but the pools at POP are large, and there are lot’s of planned activities going on. The only time I stayed mod was quite a few years ago (at CBR), and I don’t remember the room being all that much larger (but I think there are Queen beds at the mods now, and still doubles at the values - but someone with more recent experience at both may be able to give you more up-to-date details on this). A “trade-off” might be to stay value and plan a water park day to get some slides in…

I think the ages of your kiddos come into play here. If they’re younger, you might manage to be mostly comfortable in one room. As a family of four, by the time I was 16 and my sister was 13, we were reserving two rooms at a value instead of a moderate. I think that was as much for my parent’s sanity as for comfort. Having two bathrooms was a godsend. The pools at Pop are quite large and very enjoyable ever without the water slide. Personally, I’d go with two rooms at a value.

For me, the value of two bathrooms is considerable and the difference in comfort level between value and moderate resorts is not significant. The pools are better and so is the theming is a lot better at the moderates, but most of the time I spend at the resort is with my eyes closed, so I’d opt for the efficiency of getting moving faster in the morning.