Help me decide - RD TSMM or stay late at evening EMH MK?

So we’re at WDW in 18 days. The initial plan for day 1 was to get up early and RD TSMM. Hearing different stories though on various forums recently about RD’ing TSMM when there’s only single track and the waits are huge, I’m not sure we’re really that keen. It’s also late EMH at MK, and I kind of like the idea of having one night after hours there, and that’s the only night we can do it as we have a late morning planned the next day. I can’t decide.

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I would totally give up one ride in HS for many rides in MK.

Do the PM EMH at MK.


I agree. I love MK late at night.

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I think that’s what my gut was saying. I’m sure we’ll have longer memories of staying late at MK than crazy RD crowds for TSMM. I just have to let it go that we won’t do TSMM, but I don’t think will bother me too much.

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We opted to skip HS this time and do two days at EP instead because of the TSMM situation that, even with RD, is insanity. TSMM was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back in terms of making that park not worth it to us for now.

We were sad not to get to do TSMM but only for about 0.0001 seconds - we had way more fun doubling down at EP. You’ll have more magic at MK than one ride on TSMM could give you!


The recent Capture the Magic podcast discussed this general issue in some detail and very well.

They gave the example of a 90 minute wait for 7DMT — and all the other things you could do in that time instead.

I had already decided to cancel my DHS day and downsize it to something much slimmer. There’s so much to do at WDW. It’s a mistake to spend too much time in queues for rides that last minutes.

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I am an MK girl so I say go for MK. Besides MK is so beautiful at night. So worth it.

Early crowds at HS no thank you.