Help me decide my park days!

I feel like I’m going to have lots of questions as my ADR window quickly approaches!

I’m going 10/20-10/25. We’ll be driving down to around Jacksonville on the 19th so we will have some park time on the 20th. Staying at AKL/Kidani.

My plan, mainly based on crowd level predictions:

Sun- arrive, MK 12ish-6, Poly dinner and Hallowishes from beach

Mon- rest day…yes I put it on our 1st full day! Is that crazy? Late night before and grocery shopping for the week + it extends my other day for fpp availability.

Tue- HS (overall 6, HS 5)

Wed- AK (overall 4, AK 4)

Thur- Epcot am EMH (overall 5, Ep 6)

Fri- MK EMH until lunch or later if we feel like it. Again drive to around Jacksonville.

I’m pretty set on my MK days, I like how I have them set up and like the idea of starting and ending the trip there.

Kenny rates Epcot as the worst park to visit on Thursday, but TP has crowd level at AK at a 6 on Thursday and a 4 on Wed, that’s why I chose it then. I like AK much more than Ep.

So after that long post…my question is should I switch my Epcot and AK days? It would probably have us getting back to AKL a little earlier Thursday night before our early morning Friday.

I wouldn’t sweat the CLs very much. Under “normal” circumstances a 2 point difference isn’t really all that much. With SWGE being open at that time nothing will be “normal”; No one can predict what will happen to CLs across the boards (it’s safe to assume that DHS will be at 10s every day). I’m going in Dec and am in sort of the situation…


I’m. It sure the predicted crowd difference is big enough to justify a switch. I would stick to your plan

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