Help me decide FP+ on party days

How important do you all think it is to get FP+ for MK if we are going for the morning on a party day? We will be leaving the park between 12 and 3 each morning we are there and hopping to another park for the evening. I would rather use our FP+ for the second park to minimize those wait times but I don’t want to waste an already short morning at MK standing in lines. What would you do?

I always make my FPs based on my plans for the day . If HS is my 1st or 2nd Park it does not matter- I always make FPs there. I think you have a good plan.

We did morning EMH at MK on a party day just over a week ago. We did seven rides and sat down for a snack and were still on our way to Epcot by 11 am with no fastpasses. I would definitely save the fastpasses for your second park of the day. You can get a lot done in a morning at MK with low crowd levels and a good touring plan.

Thank you! I kind of figured we would be better off using them at the second park but, this is our first time going during a party and it is throwing my planning for a loop for sure. I will stick to the plan of using the FP+ at the second park.