Help me decide - BLT or BWV

We rented points at BLT this past February. We are going back in Feb2016 and I’m trying to decide if we should stay at BLT again or try out the Boardwalk.

We LOVED everything about BLT - pool great for kids, quiet, close to everything we loved on our last trip such as MK, FtW (kids loved Chip-n-Dale campfire!), Poly (apparently we are the only Ohana dinner lovers?!), etc.

I’d like to try someplace new but I worry that I will miss those features that we enjoyed last time at BLT. We didn’t go to Epcot last trip but will check it out this time around.

For reference:
We will be doing one day at MK, one at Epcot, and probably a half at HS. My kids will be 5 and almost 3 when we go.

Pros/Cons of choosing one of these resorts over the other? Anyone been to both that can compare?

We LOVE BLT and always stay there for our more substantial trips where we’re spending a lot of time at the Magic Kingdom. For us, the primary factor is where we intend to spend most of our time – if you follow that approach, that would favor BWV because you’ll be a walk/boat ride from 2 of the 3 parks you intend to visit. I’ve not stayed at BWV before, but I’ve stayed everywhere else in the Crescent Lake area, and you really can’t go wrong. The Boardwalk has got a great vibe, especially in the evening, and there are plenty of great restaurants in that neck of the woods.

How’s transportation from Boardwalk to Ohana, MK, and fort wilderness? I know those are three places we would like to see again this time around.

Hmm bacon, lettuce, tomato sounds better than whatever BWV is.

Okay I do know what they stand for. I have no clue as I have never rented points, but I had to say above. Sorry.

It really ends up which park do you wish to be closer to.

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I stayed at BLT on rented points when my kids were 5 and almost 2. The convenience factor to MK and the monorail can’t be beat for people with kids that age. Walking to MK from BLT was the most stress free part of the trip, no line for transport, just a nice short walk with the stroller. BLT also has the DVC lounge for viewing wishes before bedtime. The pool was never crowded and Chef Mickey’ss was just a short walk across the walkway.

I agree with all of the above - the reasons we loved BLT! Our last trip was beyond perfect - I guess part of me worries that our expectations were set too high and we can’t get that lucky twice! Haha. I think I’m leaning towards BLT again but the thought of trying something new is keeping me from pulling the trigger.