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In 2015 stayed 2 weeks in Yacht Club from July 4th - bit hot and humid but OK. In 2017 stayed 3 weeks in Beach Club excellent weather just before hurricane struck 2 days after scheduled departure - Epcot Food and Wine was great especially as BC just round the corner from it. This year aghh! Have booked (April 2019) for 3 weeks at BC from 2nd September as wanted to do the Halloween Party and thought we would risk it with the hurricane possibility. Still waiting to find out what is going to happen - borders may open here (Jersey C.I.) in 2 weeks but will US be open, will my flights (2 to get to Florida) be running. It is quite exciting. I can recommend end August beginning September as there will be more events happing :smiley: Where are you planning on staying?

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I have to jump in one more time. I have been in late June and August/September. August/September hasn’t been that really low crowd for me in years. Late June has been my lowest crowd level of any time I have been. Of course 2021 might be different but regardless I have paid for extra events to avoid crowds August/September. There are more events, but the crowds feel so much heavier in that heat.

I do not like the heat - I run hot have to shed a lot of heat (nice for DW who runs cold) but 2017 last 2 weeks August and 1st week September were not bad (2003 did May and that was horrendous - we could not find the off switch for the solar heating for the villa pool and it was getting to the point you could cook an egg). Portugal can get hot and humid at times (was in the Algarve last Easter and is was around 76F) so that may not be as much of an issue as with you guys form ‘cold’ states. Also I found generally the crowds were lower than July, especially in September.


We always go in the summer time and two things you can count on during the summer in Central Florida is heat (stays in the 90’s all the way through to October) and a rain shower every afternoon around 2 or 3. We go into it knowing its going to be hot and dress/hydrate accordingly and power through. It is so much fun that we forget about the heat and getting things done! We’ve been during all three summer months and not had a problem getting things done. I’d stay away from holiday weekends if you can, those tend to be a lot more crowded.

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I was there 2017 (September 1-4), 2018 was later in the month , 2019 was earlier in August ( ok- I have a problem) :wink:

I think your problem is ‘easy’ access :wink: I have to travel over sea and land and ocean and land!


I’ve been June 2018 and even being from Oklahoma where things get HOT and humid…Orlando whupped us. My understanding is that the late August early September is just as bad PLUS you have to reason with hurricane season.

We went last October and it was still pretty hot for us but more manageable than the June trip.


And this is why DS21 didn’t go to school in Georgia! :laughing:

I would pick June’s weather over August/Sept. myself because of hurricanes. (I have uniquely bad luck with hurricanes, especially for a person who lives in Montana). Later in June it seem busy to me, but late Aug. Sept is less so. I personally think the heat and humidity feels the same all summer and into early fall.

So it depends on what bothers you more- crowds or hurricanes? :smiley:

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