Help Me Choose Which Park Which Day

OK TP experts, here’s the story: adults-only trip with full park days on April 13-14-15 (F-Sa-Su). We visit about once a year - last DLR trip was last June. For this trip we arrive Thursday evening and leave Monday late morning so we could theoretically do opening until closing on all 3 park days. We have park hoppers and Maxpass and are staying off property - BW Park Place within walking distance. So of course I’m over-analyzing, but I need help deciding which park to hit first thing on which day. Here are the details:

Friday both parks have a crowd level of 6. DCA has early entry but not for us (on-property guests only).

Saturday DLR is a level 8 and DCA is a 6. We could go to early entry at DLR this day (thanks to our park hoppers).

Sunday DLR is a 7 and DCA is a 6. Like Friday, DCA has early entry but not for us.

SO… which day would you start at DLR? Which day would you start at DCA? We won’t have any problem getting there for rope drop but want to make the most of our time. Will the difference between a level 6 and an 8 really matter first thing in the morning? And will the Maxpass make a substantial difference as well? (1st time Maxpass users)

My original plan was DCA Friday and early entry to DLR on Saturday, but I’m second guessing since DCA will already have hotel guests there Friday even if we arrive first thing. Thoughts?? Thanks!!

I would totally go for DCA Friday, even tho there is Early Entry, it’s limited to just the 3 on-site hotel guests so you’re not too far behind when you’re there & ready for RD. I would definitely stick with starting in DLR on Sat for your Magic Morning & because I love DL so much I would also start it on Sunday as well. With MaxPass you’ll be able to get headliners easily for both parks so you’ll be able to easily hop back & forth to make full use of it!