Help me choose restaurants!

If you had to pick ONE restaurant at each park, what would it be? We are not on the dining plan and are planning 6 full days in WDW. We would like to have one sit down meal in each park and wing it the rest of the time. We are a party of five ages 40, 38, 38, 6 & 2. Must be kid friendly.


****** Do you all like the dining packages for evening shows??*****

With a 6 and 2 year old I would look at both the dining packages and character meals:

MK- Crystal Palace
HS- Hollywood and Vine, 50s if no package
EP- kids like Coral Reef. Are they girls? Akershus
AK- Tusker House

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When is the time frame? Dinner?

@Randall1028 We are open for lunch or dinner. We will likely do breakfast in the room or at the hotel.

@PrincipalTinker Yes - both girls. We have done Akershus and liked it a lot for the characters but DD6 did not like the food much.

EP: Akershus
HS Hollywood & Vine
AK: really no idea here. We did Tusker House, but were not impressed with the food.

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You could always do a late breakfast at Akershus instead of lunch - they take breakfast ADRs until 11:10 and the food is excellent!

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MK: Crystal Palace
AK: Tusker House for younger kids (I’d personally pick Tiffins, ‘cause it’s our fave)
HS: 50s Prime Time
EP: Akershus

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@PrincipalTinker Do you think the packages are worth it? Should I let that influence my restaurant choice?

MK - Liberty Tree Tavern
EP - Biergarten
AK - Tusker House
HS - Sci Fi

Edit - I just picked my favourite in each park, not necessarily the best for kids as I missed that part. Sci Fi might not be ideal for a 2 yo (quite dark) so I’d probably go with H&V. And though LTT isn’t kid unfriendly, I’d pick CP which is my second favourite anyway.

We did the F! package last time but only because we were eating at H&V anyway and we were on the dining plan so no extra cost.


I do think they have great value. They are only a few dollars more and if you are going to the shows they will save you time and stress!

MK - Be Our Guest
EP - This is ground zero for Disney dining. Hard to pick just one. Best bet for diverse ages and tastes? Via Napoli. Nobody doesn’t like pizza.
HS - if you can park hop, take the boat to EP to eat. Chefs de France or Rose and Crown. Both are good and both are close to International Gateway (boat dock). If you’re on single park tickets I can’t help you. We don’t eat at HS if we can help it.
AK - Tiffins. Sometimes the kids just have to suck it up.

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@paulleewatkins Funny you say that about HS - nothing there interests me for food. Maybe we will skip that one and do 2 in Epcot


MK: Haven’t done TS here before but plan to do Be Our Guest for the novelty of it.
Epcot: Via Napoli
HS: 50s Prime Time
AK: Tusker House

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MK: Liberty Tree Tavern (but not the family style…and you can order a turkey dinner ala carte!)
Epcot: Chefs de France (my kids love this place)
HS: ummmm, not really impressed with food here. Friends love Sci-Fi. My fav spot in this park is not open to the general public. Brown Derby maybe?
AK: Yak & Yeti. Plus Landry’s card points! Although we usually mobile order in Pandora. I dream about cheeseburger bao buns.

I would second, if you have park hoppers, go eat at Epcot on your DHS day.

Or just get the grilled cheese from woody’s lunchbox. Mmmmm. I dream about that one too.

Sigh. Disney issues.

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We’ve eaten at Brown Derby and Prime Time. Our server at HBD acted like we passed wind in front of him the entire time. I don’t know if he had an attitude problem or snobbishness is supposed to be part of the theming. But since then you couldn’t force my wife to eat there at gunpoint. We actually liked the food at 50’s Prime Time. But there’s only so much shtick I can take with my meal. To be fair, our server was very good, and aside from one slightly uncomfortable moment when he tried to grab my brand new iPhone and didn’t immediately realize that I wasn’t playing, the overall experience wasn’t bad. If you’re willing to play along, then 50’s PT is not a terrible choice. But just about every option you have at EP is better.

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MK: Be Our Guest - lunchtime is quick service, and dinner is moving to fixed price menu. Pictures with the Beast at dinner.
Epcot: Garden Grill, hands down. It rotates. It’s family style food, and it’s delicious. And - characters! Chip and Dale, and Mickey. It’s my favorite restaurant right now.
HS: I’m not a fan of any of the restaurants here, but Hollywood and Vine’s Disney Junior buffet / character lunch was popular with my kids when they were little.
AK: Tusker House. The food is a little more exotic here, but they have a buffet just for littles (and it’s shorter too so they can reach.) It’s a character meal with Mickey and friends.

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MK: Be Our Guest
EP: Garden Grill breakfast
HS: go to Beach Club for Beaches & Cream
AK: Haven’t eaten here, but based on all I’ve heard, probably Tusker House

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MK: Crystal Palace breakfast
EP: Garden Grill breakfast
HS: Hollywood and Vine for Fantasmic! package
AK: Tusker House for ROL package

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@NoCapes Beaches & Cream??? What is that?