Help me be sure I am managing these points properly

Is there any other kind of situation?


Yes, but see the rest of my post to see how long that lasts :wink: I’m in a bank forward for a hot second. And then just like that I’d be back to borrowing!

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My DH is getting increasingly frosty about how our 10 banked points are morphing into a more and more extravagant trip. “Can’t we just rent them out??” I’m not sure who he thinks he married.

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One thing worth knowing for anyone who has multiple contracts.

When booking, use the “Plan a Vacation” tab on the DVC website. If you use that the option to select the contract(s) you want to use comes up at/near the start of the process.

Also a reminder in general, when booking it may not look as if the points have been used in the right way, but internally it actually has. You can always check afterwards by looking at the points usage.

Having only one contract means I don’t have to worry about such things. Thankfully. :grin:

And another thing. (panics as she forgets what she was going to write), for general info. If you need to reallocate points - say you cancel one reservation with borrowed points and want to use those borrowed points first for an existing reservation - then you can MODIFY online, don’t change anything but complete the process and the system will take the borrowed points first.

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The modify hasn’t worked for me with contracts at two resorts with the same UY but it does work with the same resort? I have always been able to use the chat feature to reallocate points.

When you modify did you get the option to select the contracts you want to use?

I vaguely recall there could be an issue with resale points after a certain date though ….

But yes, MS can also reallocate points.

Note: you can only reallocate before the reservation starts. Apparently MS gets some requests once people check in.

No, when I modify and change thin it never asks me what contract. Now that I think about it, it also has not taken my older banked points.

This kinda hits on a question I have (just in exploratory phase thinking of buying). So say I got 2 smaller resale contracts, different resorts, same UY. Resort A’s contract has current pts to use, but B has used them already. Could I book a trip for before 2022’s new pts come that exceeds A’s current pts but borrows the rest from B’s 2022 allotment instead of A’s? Because maybe I’d want those A pts intact for the next year to book another trip at that resort at 11 months out. I’m getting deep into the DVC weeds with some of these scenarios, but I love solving these puzzles. :grinning: And am I right in thinking 2 small contracts gives more flexibility and ease of selling later at the expense of likely higher cost/pt of purchase and closing costs? Thanks!

ETA: in the example above, adding B pts to A pts would be for a 7 month out booking. I know it wouldnt work for an 11 month.

I currently have two small contracts, different resorts, same UY.

At 7 months, both contracts points are pooled. If you are going to borrow, you would be limited to 50% of resort B’s points, I believe. Depending on the size of your small contract, purchasing one-time use points at 7 months might be a better option?

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