Help me add HEA to TP

3/17 CL 8 and I now have to add in 9:15 HEA. We are doing EMM but will be out of the park from 3-7ish for HDDR. If we’re going to do HEA I want to be sure DD11 can see everything but I don’t want stress and eating up a bunch of time. Would booking a dessert party help with this? 8:15 After Fireworks and 7:45 Plaza Garden are available. I don’t care about the desserts but would be willing to pay if needed to make this easy,

Full disclosure I’ve done plenty of sitting/standing and waiting for parades and fireworks (RIP SpectroMagic and Wishes) but this day is my 50th birthday and our only MK day so I don’t want to spend my time squished between people!

Highly recommend the dessert party. In fact, I don’t think I’ll ever do HEA again without it! It was great for a stress free way to get a great view.

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