Help made it to Stratford, VA in the first day

Driving from Ottawa and made it to Stratford, VA the first day. Going to break up the last 12 hours in two days. Suggestions on where to stop for the night? Looking to drive around 7-8 hours today. Thanks for any ideas

By now you have probably driven by my front door! We are in VA right on your route. Seven hours is going to put you in the center of SC. Columbia or so I think. You should get good hotel rates in that area off the interstate. If your family has any interest in the bizarre and kitschy, you will drive right by “South of the Border” on I-95. It started as a restaurant or something like that decades ago and now encompasses several eateries, shopping places, a tower and even a reptile park. It might be worth taking this as your sandwich break just to walk around and see the giant sombrero, the alligator statues and the other unique things you will likely never see anywhere else. If your family tends more to the classic and can handle 9 hours today, Savannah GA is beautiful. You will find amazing accommodations, wonderful food and old south charm oozing out of every cobblestone. Have a great travel day! We are right behind you (in 20some days!).

Probably actually be closer to Charleston than Columbia, if you’re on 95. But neither is real close to 95. You can be in Hilton Head vicinity a little less time than Savannah. Florence,SC would be good as far as finding a hotel, but not much exciting there other than several hotels/restaurants right on the interstate. That might not be quite far enough though. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding a decent hotel after you cross interstate 26 and before you get to Georgia, and Savannah is pretty much right on the state line.

Sorry Anna, didn’t mean to reply specifically to you on this.

If you make it to Savanah, try Mrs.Wilks Dining room for lunch. Good eatery. We drove straight home to Pa because of an incoming snowstorm. Got into Pa as flakes started falling. Hoping on the drive home to get to the North Carolina/Virginia border on this trip. We are visiting the Smokey Mountains on the way down.