Help! I've run out of things to plan!

Just under 30 days out, and I’ve run out of things to plan. I can’t even second guess myself anymore. Each time I try to tweak something, I put it back the way it was. It’s all as good as it can get given the currently available information. I’m so bored. I think I might be in obsessive planning withdrawal. Send help.


Time to start lists of:
What to get done when for the home
Like hold mail
Last change of bed sheets

What do you need to buy for the trip still
Start Soft packing
Gather bathing suits/toiletries
Do you need Tinkerbell gifts


Tinkerbell gifts?

If you have little ones for the trip. Some people buy gifts that they pack and give daily to the kids as Tinkerbell gifts.

They can be anything:
Glo Sticks
Hidden Mickey Book

Neat! I’ve never heard of that.

Well it seems I have given you something else to do. :slight_smile:

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Did you plan potty breaks?

next trip??

I feel your pain, We’re 29 days out and I review every tab on my planning spreadsheet on a daily basis just to feel like I’m doing something which is related to the trip…! At least I’ll be able to update the AP and DVC discount tabs soon, since the 45th Anniversary discounts are meant to end tomorrow.

Other than that, I’m double checking park hours, checking availability of the Prime Now things we’ll be ordering (and coming up with alternatives in case they don’t have what we want), refreshing all my touring plans… Packing lists are all done, even down to what will go in each packing cube LOL!

…and I’ve already started the spreadsheet for the next trip, including which parks to do when, where to eat… I know, I need help… :blush:


We do have a trip to St. Lucia planned for April, so I look at that a bit, but it’s not the sort of trip that requires extensively detailed planning like Disney. We’re staying at an all-inclusive and just doing a few excursions. I do look at those plans a bit if I really need a fix, though. If anyone has St. Lucia tips, I’m all ears.

I don’t usually put potty breaks in my plans. We don’t usually go at times where the CLs are high enough for that short of a break to matter much. I do try to use Rapunzel’s bathroom when we’re in the area, though. It’s just too cute. :blush:


Adding to @Jedi’s suggestion - I bought a tube of 100 glow light bracelets with connectors really cheap on eBay. ($100 for $12.)

I also bought a couple of glo-connector kits at that link that allows you to make glow glasses and spheres.

Our plan was to use some, and hand them out randomly for fun. Due to the way things worked out with our evenings and a couple of brain cramps on my side, we did not hand any out. :\

But we had fun with them ourselves and I hope to hand them out next time!

You could read about the Hidden Mickeys to look for, or read about all the details that went into the parks so you can notice and appreciate them when there. Plan what souvenirs you want (look online), so you can zero in on them at the parks, without spending lots of time debating which t-shirt design.

Throw yourself down the pressed pennies rabbit hole… that’s another thing I’m planning to keep the older child occupied.

I’m also thinking about making giant maps to put on the walls of the villa, and using it as a record… either using stickers shaped like location markers, or maybe having her use her phone camera and the little HP polaroid printer to take pictures of the things we’ve done (like, the entrance signs or some distinct visual feature). Maybe I’ll make it a scavenger hunt, where she has to make an X with the photos, and then there’s a prize when we get to the center?


Watch The Tim Tracker’s YouTube videos! They will fill the void.

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Have you set up your plan as an Excel spreadsheet? And then copied the timings onto a map of each park? And then done mental run-through to make sure it all makes sense?

And then done Plan B’s for things that might go wrong?

Frankly I think you’ve got barely enough time to sort everything out. I’d panic if I were you!


I love this! You sound like me!

Just an idea - I make “daily planners” which are effectively a one page Word document for each day with descriptions of what’s planned for each day, including the weather forecast. I tape these to the front door every morning so everyone can see what we’re doing. This was a great hit with my sister and her family last time (and DH loves it since he doesn’t have to ask). That would keep you busy for a while…? I’ve included a screen shot of one day’s plans from last trip.


We went to St. Lucia for our honeymoon three years ago and loved it. We stayed in Marigot Bay, more towards the center coast of the island on the Caribbean side.

We stayed at a 5-room Inn and the owners helped arrange excursions for us. Our favorite things we did were day boat excursions that traveled south along the coast and we beach hopped to Sugar Beach between the Pitons (a must!) and Anse Mamet(sp?) beach which had beautiful black sand at the base of Jade Mountain resort. Where are you staying?

We also did a tour to the north to Pigeon Point which was a nice historical walk and easy hike to the top to where you can see Martinique on a clear day. We thought the public beach on the northside was just ok, a lot of people. (However if you are staying at an all-inclusive they do a good job at keeping the beach in front of the resorts clean and free).

One of our favorite spots was getting a drink at the open air restaurant at Ladera resort. It is higher up and right between the Pitons, the view is indescribable, we didn’t want to leave.

Lastly, we thought the volcano was just ok, and ended up passing on the mud baths, looked a bit chaotic and didn’t hear great things about it. Have fun!

We are staying at Coconut Bay in the south, on the Atlantic side. I know the beach won’t be as good as on the Caribbean side, but it’s supposedly very kid-friendly, and they have a water park. I stopped in St. Lucia on a cruise with my girlfriends last year, and it was everyone’s favorite port, so I wanted to go back with my family. I’m hoping to go out and about for hikes and snorkeling.

Fun! Coconut bay looked great, would be great to hear a trip report when you are back! Snorkeling was one thing I wish I would’ve done more of. It was amazing what you can see in those clear waters!

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