HELP! Going to WDW 11/26/18

This will be my family’s sixth trip to WDW, however…we have only ever gone in June. Due to the heat and late hours, we always took a break mid day for nap/pool and would go to a different park every evening. Is that necessary when planning this trip (11/26-12/1)? Or should I plan to stay at each park all day (making it easier to make FP/touring plans/etc.)

Daytime temperatures can still be hot, but evening temps will be considerably cooler. (Average high is 78 degrees, but that just means the high could be 84, or 72!)

BUT, having said that, it is still 12 degrees cooler, on average, than June, so it should make a big differences in endurance for the days.

Wondering that as well. Hoping we can spend more time in the park instead of rushing out to avoid heatstroke, sunburn etc. I in fact did get severely dehydrated and got very ill on the way home. Lasted about a week.

I went in Jan this year - which was unseasonably cold, but we still did take a break most days. I have rarely used park hopper, it does give you the ability to be more ‘spontaneous’ but I found that it really was just as easy to make a TP for one park - and when I have had them, I really forced myself to use them so it wouldn’t be a waste :wink:
You know your family - so if you think that you can power through without a rest, I know some people can, but even with the shorter hours and leaving the park, I found the break made the whole trip go better.

We used to travel during that time when the kids were younger and never took breaks.

Our first trip with them, we did a break the first couple of days but dd would fall asleep on the bus and wake up when we arrived at the resort…never to sleep again. If we stayed in the parks, she would crash in her stroller and we could still do some stuff. Ds (child #2) was even easier. I popped him in the carrier and we kept going on the quieter/slower stuff. He slept for hours.

Now that they are older, the family would easily be able to go RD to post nighttime celebrations w/o having to go back to the resort during late fall/winter/early spring. When we go in the summer though…breaks are essential during the hottest parts of the day.

We have been in Oct, Nov, Dec, Mar, and early May and have never needed a break for weather reasons. Some days it was hot (looking at you Oct), but not crazy hot. Except in Mar, the park hours were shorter than in summer and holiday weeks so you have to consider that in your plans. We typically mix it up between parks from RD until dinner or late morning start until close to pace ourselves–without the need for a break to avoid heatstroke.

Thanks for the insight, y’all. We will be a large group of 8 (taking my sister, her husband and my 10 yr old niece for the first visit ever). My youngest is 17 years old, so I’m guessing they will be able to hang (if we don’t break midday). It’s amazing how just going during a different month has completely messed with my planning…I have NO idea what I’m doing! lol
Last visit was in 2012 (before the FP online reservation system).

FYI … If you are accustom to going in June, double check the operating hours for November/December. You will find they are typically shorter that time of the year.

I’m the one that needs the afternoon break. I always enjoy taking a moment for a change of scenery. Maybe a nap. But then again, I’m usually so excited about being at Disney that I’m waking up around 4am!

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As an adult without kids and usually only 4 or 5 park days, I rarely take breaks - but I only go between November and April. We were there the week of Nov 17th a few years ago, and even as someone who hates hot and humid weather, it was very comfortable the whole time we were there (low-mid 70s in the daytime, 60s in the PM). In fact one day got so chilly that we ended up buying hoodies. I would say that based on my experience, on weather alone, breaks would probably not be needed.