Help get photos linked to shared memory maker account

On our Disney account, we have our 2 magic bands linked. All our photos are show up fine. But, I’m part of a memory maker share group. When I login to the share group and click on “Include Family and Friends”, I see everyone else’s photos, but not ours.
Under the memory maker share login MDE account under “My Family and Friends” we’re both listed there along with everyone else.
I tried to link our magicbands to the memory maker share account, but when I logged into the memory maker share account and I click “link photos” | Magicband and I typed in our magicband IDs to link them, it said they were already linked to an existing account. Which of course, they are. Our magicbands are linked to our MDE account, not the shared memory maker account.
Does anyone know how to get our photos to show up on the memory maker share account?

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You don’t link magic bands, you become friends and family with whomever has the Memory Maker.

There is a filter setting you have to click.

Open MDE and then click on the Photos in the menu

In the top left you see that “Filter”? Click that

Now under Family and Friends select “View All” and then “Apply”

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My normal account is linked to the shared account as a friend. I see all of us listed in the shared account under family and friends

I’m using a desktop computer and logged in under the shared MDE. I clicked Viewing : My Family | Include Family and Friends
I clicked family and friends. On the left side, where it says Filter By: View All Locations is checked.
Unfortunately, it still doesn’t show our photos. I see everyone else’s though.
When I login our MDE I see all of our photos. Unfortunately, that does me no good. Bc the memory maker was purchased for the shared MDE account.

Oh man. I’m sorry my suggestion wasn’t helpful.

Can you connect with the MDE share owner? Otherwise it’s going to require a call I think.

Yeah, he’s gonna try to help me when he gets a chance. They’re at Disney world right now. We both have the login for the shared account. I’m on the phone right now with Disney photopass…2 hour wait…lol

I figured it out!
I was looking at my account. Under family and friends, the leader was listed there. I clicked update on them, under " Choose Which Plans and Photos Person’s Name Can See" “My Disney Photopass Photos”
was unchecked. Checked it…problem solved.