Help! Gems of Italy Wine Dinner

I got a call from Disney asking if we would like to attend the “Gems of Italy Wine Dinner” at The Flying Fish, instead of The Chefs Wine Tasting Dinner that we had already booked. They said the price would be the same. I can find no info on this other than that the price and menu comes out 3weeks before and it is a very popular event. I just don’t know why they are calling and offering it to us. I want to jump on it but not sure. Any insight, advice or other words of wisdom?

Strange! I know nothing, but it seems strange. Did they say that your current event was canceled?

I wonder if they overbooked The Chefs Wine Tasting and are trying to get people to move to another event?

I asked and they said that the Chef’s wine tasting dinner was not canceled.

I was told the GoIWD was limited to 32 guests, I’m surprised they have room. I know that CWT is very small, so I can see them overbooking it.

That is small. I’m sure both of them will be wonderful events. I understand your dilemma!

I’m something of a friend of the house at the Flying Fish, so this might count as some inside info.

I was trying to plan a private group dinner for November 7th and also help someone I know with getting a chef’s counter reservation during the preceding week. The general manager told me via email that the restaurant was having neither chef’s counter nor private dinners for the duration of the Food and Wine Festival. They have a very ambitious program of wine dinners (of which Gems of Italy is one) and their kitchen doesn’t want to be run completely ragged.

My guess is they’ve been shifting willing guests over to open spots in the Festival dinners rather than cancel them outright.

I’ve been to probably eight of those dinners in the last five years and they’re excellent. The chef’s counter isn’t ordinary, but it is something you can get most times. The Festival dinners are exceptional, and it could be years before a given vintner or presenter comes back again. For example: John and Nancy Lassetter (yes, from Pixar) had a dinner last October, I got to go, and that was pretty impressive.


Thanks @BGK, for the insider info. I’m going to switch us over to the wine dinner.