Help for first time dining planner and first time WDWer

I think this would depend on where you eat. Last year GG had the CP dining package for only $43 for breakfast and Biergarten $44 for lunch. So paying 2 dining credits for that would be a waste when you could instead use those 2 credits for 2 dinners that would cost more than $43 alone. I agree that a package would definitely be worth it…I just think you should probably pay OOP for it, not use 2 credits.

Here’s a link to OOP prices from last year:

If you want to do the Candlelight Processional, definitely get one of the lunch/dinner packages. If on the dining plan, I’d highly consider paying out of pocket for that meal though as you’ll likely come out ahead versus dropping 2 credits on it, although that of course depends somewhat on your other reservations…


Ah OK. I think was answering more whether getting a dining package was worth it, rather than thinking about doing it on the dining plan versus paying OOP.

Definitely do the package, yes to paying OOP!

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If you want to watch the Candlelight Processional, the dining package is a must if you don’t want to spend half of your park day in line. The lines are insane!! Even with the package, you have to get in line early but not like the standby line!

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Agreed! We turned up about 45 minutes before and the dining package line was long and the standby was immense

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