Help for an Off-Site stay

We usually leave our rentals 90 minutes before opening to be first at the tapstiles. (This is for a 9 AM traditional open.)

They don’t kick off-site guests out during evening EMH but somehow they known you can’t ride. I would think it would be the same scenario, but maybe I’m wrong.

They will be held until near normal park opening, but would usually be able to ride at least once before the rope drop crowd arrives.

In the evening they scan bands.

After a PPO breakfast, those who are offsite will be held in a line and then walked over to the ride just before the crowds arrive from rope drop.

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Plenty of fast passes are available at day 30 and with modifying, one can still have a great time and experience low waits.

If they’re in a condo, packing light and doing laundry in their condo will save them checked bag fees.

I’d also avoid having them do many characters meals as well if they’re on a budget. For kids that age - 1 or 2 character meals is enough. Anymore than that and the kids could get bored with the experience (multiple Mickey’s over the course of a week is overkill to my DD - BTDT). Sometimes less is more.

I think they are only going to do CRT because of their girl’s love of princesses. I was looking at FP+ availability 30 days out and was pleasantly surprised by the options other than SDD (girls are too little for FOP so mom and dad will skip that one). She didn’t know about the same day drops so I think that with that bit of info, they will be able to do everything they are hoping for.

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Another thing to consider is taking an afternoon break is much harder if you are off site. Definitely do RD, but if they’re planning for fireworks, that might be the day to go later in the day and have some pool time that morning.

A RD to fireworks day without a break is hard, especially on kids.

Have they considered strollers?

They went to WDW for the first time last year and did RD til fireworks every day with one pool day and wants to keep that same schedule this trip. So, at least she is aware of what kind of trip that looks like. But, I am planning lots of breaks and a later start the day after they do MNSSHP. And, keeping the evenings pretty flexible so if they want to leave before fireworks, it won’t really mess up their plans too much.
She was just thankful that I could help her get started with which parks to visit which day and help her pick FP+ and ADRs. I’m doing a full plan for them for each day but whether they stick to it or not…who knows!!
I love the planning and at least telling her a few tips that might make things smoother

Sorry to have more questions but…Can off-site guests make their FP+ selections for their entire stay or do they have to make them one day at a time?

Each day can be made at the 30 day mark. So yeah, the earliest will be one day at a time. But the stress of getting just the right thing on that day takes it all out of me and I’m glad I don’t have to juggle multiple days at the same time. One a day is enough.

Yes, this will actually be a little easier. Only having to worry about just the three for that day should be a much less stressful (at least it will be on me, I was thinking I would have to create a big list with all of the priorities and what if scenarios so one day at a time will be great!)

When we stayed offsite we had one of us (me of course :blush:) get an AP so that we’d have free parking since we were renting a car. Plus Memory Maker and dining & March discounts).

The cheapest way is to buy a discounted park ticket, use it once, and then upgrade at Guest Services (using a discounted gift card). This is known as bridging to an AP and you can find other threads about it on here.

If she already got tickets, she can use what she has and upgrade to an AP as well. Pre-purchase of Memory Maker also counts toward the cost of an AP.

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