Help fitting Matterhorn in 1 day TP at DL

We are going on our first trip to DL, and DD is going to be in a workshop the first morning we are at DL, so I am trying to make a TP for the morning where we ride the rides that are less important to her and then do all of her must do’s after she arrives. My plan is to get her around 10:30 for our 10:40 breakfast reservation at Minnie’s breakfast for my other daughters birthday. It is tough because it is our first and only full day at DL, and it is my other daughter’s birthday, so I want it to be magical! It is for Wednesday, June 29. We will have another 1/2 day there at the end of our trip to catch up on anything we miss, but we really want to try to ride what we think will be our favorites the first day. I also want to see characters as much as possible, possibly in the morning instead of some of the rides, so any character tips would be appreciated. I figure we will cover a bunch at the breakfast! Here is my plan:. She will definitely miss Peter Pan and we are fine with that since we can ride it at WDW. I am wanting to leave pretty close to right after the parade, but is there a spot we can watch the parade close to BTMRR? Also, is there something posted with the Parade route? I am hoping we can catch it and then run to BTMRR on our way out. I know all of these plans need to be flexible based on FP return times, but it gives me a guide. I am thinking we could do Matterhorn instead of Nemo in the afternoon for our second time with my older DD. The other option is in the morning when older DD is not with us, My stepson and I could grab a child swap if my 7 year old does not want to ride it and then he could ride it by himself and I could ride later with my older DD? I am not sure how Child Swap works here. How many people can use it for the return?

Peter Pan’s Flight

Matterhorn Bobsleds- Use Child Swap?

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

Mad Tea Party/Alice in Wonderland/ Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride/ King Arthur Carousel

Space Mountain FASTPASS Booth
Return Time: 12:30pm-1:30pm

Plaza Inn Minnie’s Breakfast
10:40am for 60 minutes

Snow White’s Scary Adventures/ Pinocchio’s Daring Journey/ Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Storybook Land Canal Boats

Space Mountain w/ FP
12:51p or whenever our FP Return time is

Star Tours FASTPASS Booth
Return Time: 5:40pm-6:40pm

Pixie Hollow (Move above Space Mountain if necessary)

The Royal Hall/ Storytelling at Royal Theatre 3:15pm

Indiana Jones Adventure FASTPASS Booth
Return Time: 7:00pm-8:00pm

Line up for Mickey’s Soundsational Parade
Showtime: 4:30pm

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage or Matterhorn?

Autopia/Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters

Star Tours: The Adventures Continue w/ FP

Splash Mountain FASTPASS Booth if any left
Return Time: 10:20pm-11:20pm

Blue Bayou
6:30pm for 60 minutes

Indiana Jones Adventure w/ FP
7:45 pm

Pirates of the Caribbean/Jungle Cruise

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad FASTPASS Booth
Return Time: 11:10pm-12:10am

Line up for Disneyland Forever
Showtime: 9:30pm

Haunted Mansion/ The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Splash Mountain w/ FP
10:15 or 10:30

Line up for Paint The Night Parade
Showtime: 11:00pm

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

For Child Swap, up to 3 people can enter using the return paper, so if any ride that your younger DD is too small for, definitely get since one person will have to stay behind with her and that can be a way your older DD gets to do the ride.

As for your parade route question, the route goes from It’s a Small World down, Matterhorn Way through the Tomorrowland side of the hub, down Main Street, then a full loop around Town Square. The early PTN starts at It’s a Small World, ends in Town Square. The later parade does the reverse. Soundsational usually seems to start in Town Square BUT I have seen it start by it’s a small world. Ask a CM when the parade ropes start going up.

The closest parade spot on the route to BTMRR will be the hub, especially the middle Partners statue area or in front of the castle. Since BTMRR is right off the hub it’s not too far off. Those spots are usually some of the first gone though so might require you to get to them a little earlier. However, since the hub isn’t that far away from BTMRR, another close spot will be along Matterhorn way, right next to the Queen of Hearts (Alice) bathrooms. It’s a great spot since only one side of the road can accomodate seating so you get great character interaction.