Help? First time USF & I am struggling to make a plan!

Do you have park-to-park tickets? If yes, one idea while you’re staying at CB is to do IOA early entry and hit Hagrid’s and Velocicoaster which don’t take express pass, and then do VB in the afternoon. Both these rides are unique in Orlando IMO and it might be a good idea to try them early during your trip in case you want to do them many times.

Also worth finishing the day in Hogsmeade at IOA at least once during your trip, to see the Hogwarts Castle Nighttime Lights show.


I will do that! She will love it!

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This is amazing!! I totally will do it!

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You all went above and beyond to help me, thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Oh yes, I do it by booking whatever they call deluxe hotels…is it premier? That’s always cheaper than buying per person and you get two days for one night. I’ve booked a room even when I didn’t need to stay the night because it was cheaper than paying outright for express pass!


Good point.

But you are 1. Ditch the dead weight and enjoy yourself. Solo trips rule!



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The day we did early entry, we went back to the hotel in the afternoon while it rained, napped, and went back at night and stayed until almost park close. We were late night in a pretty empty Diagon Alley and it was my favorite moments during the trip. My son did all the wand spells and my daughter and I sat at a table drinking butter beer. It was night so it wasn’t a million degrees. We picked up giant donuts on the way out and ate them for breakfast the next morning.

YMMV, but my DD15 is very responsible and I would totally let her be alone at a park. We let her and her brother tour without us for awhile as DH gets motion sickness and forbidden journey did him in. When she was 14 and we were at Disney we let her go to Epcot by herself an hour before close (we were staying at Beach Club, so nearby). She has a phone and so we could keep an eye on her. She had a blast.

Being at Universal with the express passes was such a relief. It was so nice to not have to have a meticulous schedule and just wander around doing things that looked interesting.


The wand locations work better at night anyway. Full sun causes a problem.


Our DDs sound very similar! A lot of times mine seems more mature than me.:joy::wink:

I just did 5 days UOR. It’s plenty! I can’t respond in depth bc in line at AK.