HELP! Fastpass+ Day is tomorrow and I don't know what I'm doing!

Here’s my dilemna - I’ve created these beautiful touring plans for the 7 days we have at the parks - most days I’ve tried to stick to the idea of getting my 3 fastpasses between 10-2pm so that I will be able to get additional fastpasses there if possible. But won’t additional fastpasses screw up my beautiful touring plan?!

And then there are a few days where I booked my fastpasses later in the day - to do a Kilimanjaro Safari before sunset or to get a Fantasmic fastpass so I don’t have to wait super long for that show.

Part of me just wants to make my plan and follow it and forget about being on the app a ton in the park constantly trying to get more fastpasses or modify fastpass times, etc.
but is this really stupid?

How do you actually use a touring plan in the park if you’re constantly changing it? I know I’d be able to re-optimize from the touring plans app, but I’m afraid that strategy would have me walking back and forth across the parks too much and I’m taking my parents with me and don’t want to walk to much.

Any general advise from someone who has actually used touring plans in the parks would be really helpful!



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No worries! You & I are very similar planners. In my experience, I follow my plan and then try to get FPP #4 & etc… in the same order as my plan steps. You’ll be surprised at how often you can get a FPP for the next attraction in your TP later in the day. (A majority of ppl have no clue you can even get more than 3 FPP!!)

However, if you don’t find a FPP in your current Land - keep moving with the TP. If you find yourself with a large gap of free time because you are ahead of schedule look around and see if any attractions near you that you can quickly board with an extra FPP.


make that 3 of us. I hate being on phone constantly once in park…it’s just not fun for me and it really upsets DH. so we do less …who cares


I think @darkmite2 plan would work well for your style. Just try to FP in your plan order. It will cause you to get in your phone to get the FP… But you’ll hardly be on constantly.

I usually have a hard plan for my morning and a list of targets for the rest of the day. I put them in a Turing plan, but I know after break, it’s goi g to be adjusted on the fly based on FP’s… Especially at MK

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Thank you all for the encouragement! Darkmite’s plan was what I was intending to do, I just needed some confirmation that I wasn’t going to ruin my Disney vacation!


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I tried using the app while in the park. I’m usually the one complaining about my other family members being on the phone all the time, but I spent so much time on that app or the WDW app that they had to tell me to get off my phone. My kids were actually peeved about it and their phones are extensions of their hands.

If you like your plans, stick to them, but be aware that you may have to be flexible. Times aren’t perfect and have your throwaway rides/activities ready to go or your plan B . For example, we had TT for RD on our EPCOT day, but as we approached there were CMs yelling TT was down. I kept walking onward to Frozen. I didn’t let it phase me. HM down? Skip it and hope you can fit it in later . Also, if you have more time than you think, what are your second choice things to fill the time.


I’m old school, I print my TP (I actually put the info into Excel, color code & laminate it) so I will always have my “perfect plan” with me. I was afraid to try to modify in the park because I’m just not that good & didn’t want to screw anything up. Since we did have free time built in I did use the app to see wait times, which varied from what MDE had posted. Sometimes we drifted a bit but on the whole we followed the plans and did really well. My family were complete skeptics the first time but sing my praises now. My cousin @ejj introduced me to all of this a few years ago and it’s been awesome.


I print my TP too. I’ll usually get a 4th FP, sometimes a 5th, but I don’t spend more than a minute each time.

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Oh I definitely search for more FP’s once I’m done, but only if there are within the area I’m heading to next. I’m not one to run from one end of the park to another. Maybe if I were younger and in better shape, lol.

Honestly after our afternoon break we hardly stick to the plan at all and we will cross the park if we feel like it. But we mainly want headliners and by 7pm they are thin on the ground.

Also, it’s way too easy to accidentally Optimize on the app. I kept hitting to look at an item to mark it Done, but with slow wifi (not using data as it costs me), those extra taps ended up connecting with the “optimize” on the next page and there went my plan. Done. No undo. I had to find another copy of the plan (glad I had copies!) because moving things on a plan with wifi is also a frustrating exercise.

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Yup, that is exactly what I am afraid of.