Help explaining DVC

We have contacted David's DVC rental and are interested in the Animal Kingdom Lodge- Standard Studio. But I am confused on how you would add tickets and FPP+ reservations to the account, so we can get magic bands if we bought them through Undercover Tourist. DVC rental is all new to us. Any advise is welcome! Liners are the best!

This may help:

Ah, that's for DVC rental.

For any Disney reservation, DVC or not, there is no requirement to link your tickets to your reservation. So you can have Magic Bands from Disney, a DVC rental from David's, and link them to tickets through Undercover Tourist.

In fact, this is probably the most common way I visit WDW. The key is that Disney's My Disney Experience website can link everything together, assuming you have the DVC reservation number, the number of your ticket, and the number of your Magic Band.

You can also buy a MagicBand from one of the Disney stores, if you're so inclined, and link that to your DVC reservation.

You'll get a reservation number just like any other booking. You add the reservation, your tickets, and your FPP reservations to you MyDisneyExperience account.

Just to echo what @len and @LaurelStewart have said, the key here is your My Disney Experience account. You will add all of the elements of your vacation to it, in this case the DVC reservation from David's and the tickets from UT. Once you have done this, you will be able to make FPP reservations, ADRs, etc. using your MDE account. Because you have a WDW resort stay, you will also get MBs. Hope this helps!