Help: Dining reservations and planning FP+

I lucked out with dining reservations, and now I need to plan my days. My questions is, how much time should I allot in my planning from when we arrive to the restaurants to when we are done with our meals and we are ready to go. Here’s my schedule:

1st day - Be Our Guest - 4 pm (early dinner) ADR
2nd day - Cinderella’s Table - 1:15 pm (lunch) ADR
3rd day - Tiffins - 3:35 pm (linner??) ADR

Thank you!

I generally allocate 90 min for table service meals. However, I’ve never eaten at CRT, so I can’t speak on how long that experience lasts

Same answer as elsewhere :wink:

BOG - 90 mins
CRT - 90 mins
Tiffins - not sure, probably 90 mins again.

Agree with 90.


If you are doing three courses at Tiffins, I would say 2 hours.

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I agree with @PrincipalTinker about Tiffins. We have done lunch and dinner and both meals have been about 2 hours. And completely worth it.

90 minutes is always the “safe” time to plan on Character Meals. It’s what I put in my plans.

However, I do CRT every MK trip and even if you are not at the front of the character table rotation you can be done in about 75. It’s a small restaurant.

BOG- I’ve been to dinner and the only reason I’ve waited so long is poor service. I’ve sat there just waiting for 30+ minutes on food after placing my order. Plus, It is common that they get behind seating people and you have to wait 15 - 20 minutes past your ADR start time to be admitted. Maybe having a 4pm ADR will make that better.

I haven’t been to Tiffin’s yet.