Help. Dining plan for 1 day?

We are going to MK on Valentine’s. We have reservations at Whispering Canyon for lunch. We will want a quick service dinner at MK. Cost for dining plan for 4 people is $206.00. Is it worth it?

Do you have APs? Can you but the DP for one night without an AP? I would say $60-70 dollars for QS so I would guess you would save money OOP. have the menus if you want to go look at what your family might eat. I attached the menu page :smile: I believe you would get an entree, dessert and drink :slight_smile: Without know which location you want to eat lunch would depend on how much you would spend :slight_smile:

Looks like we turn out about even with exception of getting the refillable mugs.

Did you also add a snack on?

If you were to break even on it :slight_smile: If it were me, then I would do it :slight_smile: I normally get other perks out of it :slight_smile: It is fast and easy and I know all I have to pay for is tip :slight_smile: HEHE :slight_smile: I’m spoiled in doing this :slight_smile: