Help deciding on DME or Lyft/Uber

I’ve been watching for reports on DME experiences at MCO and they are all over the place. But the waits seem to be getting longer. Yesterday I saw someone report a 2 hour wait from getting in line to boarding the bus. So now I’m leaning strongly towards Lyft/Uber.

We are arrive mid afternoon on Saturday, so probably busiest time yet this year.

We have 2 bubble bum booster seats for DS6 and DS4, but will need a car seat for DD2.

I’ve looked into private car services and they are significantly more expensive than Lyft/Uber.

What should we do? How do we ensure a car seat with Lyft/Uber? The Uber option says it is unavailable and I don’t even see an option with Lyft

So I don’t have kids so I’m not entirely sure about that aspect of things, but because I’ve heard about such nightmare surge pricing with Uber, and considering you will need an xl Uber at least, I think a hired car would be best.

I’m seriously considering using Quicksilver Tours and Transportation on my September trip. Looking on their website the cost for a 10 person van (which includes a grocery stop and any car seats needed) is barely more than what I know some people have paid round trip for Uber. I’ve routinely seen people say they’ve paid $80+ one way with Uber and that was just basic Uber with 2 adults. I figured if I’m going to pay that much I may as well have someone waiting for me in the airport and get a luxury experience out of it.


I feel like Mary Poppins searching through her bag at the moment.

I have a bookmarked service @Jeff_AZ was going to use for the trip he’s literally boarding a plane for right now. Let me search my bookmarks.


Quicksilver is the one! I’ll let you know how it goes on Tuesday! We are not using grocery service as we are using them for WDW to UOR only.


Ha! found it!

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Almost had you Speedy! :rofl::rofl:


2 hours?! Yikes!

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With DME looking problematic I think your options would open up for alternative transportation if you took your 2yo’s car seat with you on the plane. At 2yo they are still tiny and to be honest, the car seat is usually a far more comfortable ride.

Back when my now 19yo was that age she actually would fall fast asleep in her car seat, sometimes before the plane even lifted off. The hum of the engines would put her right out!

While it can be a PITA to take the seat through the airport, there are a few options that make it easier. With dd (and then ds) we strapped it to a collapsible luggage cart or popped it into the stroller and made our kiddo walk, but they came out with these straps a few years ago and they seem inexpensive and popular.

I used to volunteer as a child passenger safety technician (aka car seat tech) and all that training made me uncomfortable using a car seat that wasn’t ours. Those options are now VASTLY better and more reliable than they were 15+ years ago, but sometimes it is just as easy to use what you already have. :slight_smile:

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Does anyone know where the best place to get real time updates on MDE wait times would be?

We are driving, but DM is flying in Saturday ~8pm and planning to take MDE to AKL to save us fetching her from the airport.

But if it’s a 2 hour wait, it makes more sense for DH to fetch her.

I know someone’s TP said the line looked really long when they got there but moved quick, so I don’t know how DM would judge asking us to fetch her? “If the line goes past…???”

You guys, I didn’t see the OP until I was about to go downstairs for DME … scared the s*** out of me to see you say 2 hours!

But I needn’t have worried. We were on the bus and moving within 15 minutes.


Sorry for the false alarm sir. Glad you got there and everything is going so well. Will be following along all week until WE are in the bubble on Saturday! Whoop!

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