Help deciding days for ADR (character meals)

We are traveling to WDW at the end of April 2018. We will be arriving late on a Sunday night and will have all day Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to do parks and ADRs. We will be leaving at noon Thursday. It will be myself, my spouse and my 3.5 year old daughter. We have the dining plan. It will be her first trip and she is obsessed with the Disney princesses. I was thinking that we would do the following character meals:

'Ohana Friends for late breakfast
Akerhus for early breakfast
Chef Mickey for breakfast (late or early)
Be Our Guest for Dinner (if we can get the reservation)

I’ll be able to make my ADR in 12 days and I’m just unsure which days to try and get which reservations. I was thinking we would do 1.5 days in Magic Kingdom. The half day maybe go back late afternoon and do the Be Our Guest dinner reservation that night. We will be doing a half day at Animal Kingdom and then depending on how long it takes to do Epcot we will probably be skipping Hollywood Studios.

Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks.

I’d look at the crowd calendar and which parks have EMH and decide on park days first. Then your ADRs will slot in.

It doesn’t really matter which day of the week you do a BOG dinner for example, but if you’re not going to use EMH at MK, you don’t want to be in the park that morning because the park will be packed when you arrive. Or if you are going to use them, you won’t have time to go for Chef Mickey breakfast that day.

Does that make sense?

Thank you, yes that does make sense but here is my next dilemma then. The release of park hours seems to be a little behind the 180 day release date for making ADRs. For example, today, park hours are only available through 04/06/18 but you can make reservations for 04/10/18. If park hours/EMH are not available for my dates should I just base it on historical EMH and make them that way? I plan to make my reservations the first day that I am able to at 180 days.


Yes, EMH don’t generally change, or at least not for my dates, and the historical data will be pretty accurate.

Actual park hours won’t be released until at least the 15th of the month before, and they can make changes even day of at busy times, so you’ll never be certain anyway.

You have 4 days where you could book breakfast, so I would book one breakfast twice to give yourself some wiggle room. Whichever one you are going to on a MK day, book that one twice, so when the EMH are announced, you can cancel the one you don’t want.

Depending what your plans are for your last day, you could book a character breakfast for that day too.

As @jcgoblue said, you can always book them for each day and cancel whichever you don’t want closer to the time.

Will the Animal Kingdom half day be an afternoon/evening so you can go to one of the resort breakfasts? If you want to go to AK earlier, you could do Tusker House breakfast instead to meet some of the Fab 5 and be in the park.

Sorry, I know that idea wasn’t one of your options. I just was thinking how it might be more convenient unless you are staying in a monorail resort. Are you?

Here is an article which talks about EMH and what parks do EMH on which dates.

Since you only have a few days to tour the parks I would keep your ADRs within the parks! The festival of fantasy parade is great to see many princesses or Fastpass some princess meet & greets.