Help Choosing When to Go - Early 2020

We are a group of 4 adults, 2 children (6 & 8), mostly first-timers needing help picking between 4 possible weeks in early 2020. Anyone want to weigh in on pros & cons of each, and specifically which week would you choose?
Jan 12 - 17, Jan 26 - 31, Feb 23 - 28, and Mar 1 - 6.
Any insights, recommendations would be appreciated!

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It looks like you’d be missing Presidents Day (February 17) and MLK Day (January 20th) in all of these blocks so that’s good. Easter is April 12 so you also have a reasonable buffer there. Some considerations:

  • Rise of the Resistance opens January 17th You’d probably miss it or have to wait in a crazy line if you went during the first block.
  • Splash Mountain (my favorite ride) is generally closed for winter refurbishment from January - February so the March date is probably a safer bet if that is a must ride for you. Those slow months are also prime refurbishment months for any other ride that needs it.
  • Spring Break varies by school district but the closer to Easter, the more likely you are to run into crowds.
  • You might hit the beginning of MLK Day crowds on 1/17.

Overall I think I’d go in March if I were you and I would rule out mid-January before RotR opens. The other two dates have pros and cons. Keep in mind that Jan/February can be chilly in Anaheim, but often is nice.


I agree with @Jeff_AZ. He covered pretty much exactly what I was going to say.

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If stick with the week in March…One thing not mentioned is the weather…Although SoCal is famous for its great weather…January and February is primetime for rain but given the on and off again drought who really knows?!


Thank you all so much for your comments. It has helped take the stress off trying to decipher the historical stats, projected crowds, and US holiday factors (we’re in Canada).
Our whole group is grateful. Now we can’t wait for spring!


Yes! We were there for the awful rainstorms in January 2018 that caused all the mudslides. I actually enjoyed touring in the rain, however DLR is not real prepared for heavy rain and it caused a lot of ride closures.